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Departing from Muscat, Oman, the five remaining teams were given instructions to fly to Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Chad and Stephanie and Jill and Thomas had a significant lead over the remaining teams, but only Jill and Thomas were able to take advantage of the early departure. 

Initially all of the teams were booked on flights that had them arriving Dhaka at noon.  However, while other teams remained complacent with their flight, Jill and Thomas continued to search for better flights and eventually booked a flight that had them arriving at 5am. 

Inspired by Jill and Thomas’s success, Nick and Vicki and Brook and Claire went searching for better flights as well.  While both teams discovered a flight that arrived at 8:40am, Nick and Vicki managed to purchase the two last remaining seats before Brook and Claire.  The television show hosts were stuck with Chad and Stephanie and Nat and Kat on the flight arriving at noon.

With an enormous seven hour lead on the trailing three teams as well as almost a four hour lead on Nick and Vicki, Jill and Thomas easily cruised to a first place win.  Nick and Vicki had a similarly easy leg, taking advantage of their own three hour lead to finish in second, their highest finish of the race.

The drama in the leg would come down to the final three teams.  With a double u-turn looming later in the race it was vital for each team to stay ahead the entire leg, not just avoid finishing last.  What they did not know was that Jill and Thomas had already u-turned Brook and Claire leaving only one spot remaining.

Once in Dhaka, Bangladesh the teams had to make their way to Sundarban Square Supermarket and find a sugar cane press and squeeze and drink an entire mug of sugar cane juice.  Chad slugged down the “sweet grass” as Nick called it moments ahead of Nat and Kat and Brook and Claire to take an early lead.

After Sundarban Square teams were presented with the Detour for this leg of the race: Balanced Meal or Balanced Bricks.  All three remaining teams choose Balanced Meal which required them to transport a traditional Bangladesh snack to a ship in the harbor and hoist thirty of the snacks on to the boat for the workers.  After all thirty snacks were aboard the teams had to return ten empty snack containers to receive their next clue.

Despite their slim lead, Chad and Stephanie quickly got lost trying to find their Detour option and fell behind.  The mistake allowed Nat and Kat to finish the Detour in first and u-turn Chad and Stephanie as well. 

Brook and Claire were not far behind Nat and Kat and quickly discovered their fate and began work on the Balanced Bricks Detour option.  Fortunately for Brook and Claire they also knew that Chad and Stephanie would be u-turned and were behind them.  The second all-female team remaining once again took advantage of Chad and Stephanie getting lost to finish the physical detour option before the new engaged couple could catch up.

Although Nat and Kat had a lead on Brook and Claire and both teams had a lead on Chad and Stephanie all three teams made it to the Roadblock before any had finished.   The selected team member had to put together a rickshaw from scratch.  Unfortunately for Chad and Stephanie, they were not able to make up enough time to catch Nat and Kat or Brook and Claire.  Staring the leg in first, Chad and Stephanie finished last and were eliminated while Nat and Kat came in third and Brook and Claire fourth.

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The Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 9 Quotes

Vicki: I'm excited about going to Bangladesh
Nick: I'm just not excited about that double u-turn.

I just don't want to lose to a pair of girls too.