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The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business began with a new twist on the traditional start to the race.  Typically teams race from the starting line to their bags and receive their clue.  Instead, the teams had to complete a challenge which had dire consequences for the last place teams.

The eleven teams returning for another chance to win the one million dollar first place prize had to find a paper plane with the airline written on it that provided “Queensland and Northern Territory’s aerial services”.  The first eight teams to find the correct paper airplane would be on the first flight to Sydney, Australia, while the three remaining teams would be 90 minutes behind.  In addition, whichever team finished last would have to perform a U-Turn at the first Detour.

The correct answer was Quantas Airlines and only Gary and Mallory, Kisha and Jen and Amanda and Kris did not figure it out in time for the first flight.  For Amanda and Kris, they were the last to finish and got stuck with the U-Turn.  However, in a stroke of luck for all three trailing team, the first flight had to make a medical emergency stop in Honolulu and the second flight actually arrived in Sydney first.

Once in Sydney teams had to take a train to Circular Quay and then a ferry to Manly Ocean World where their first Roadblock awaited.  Using scuba equipment, the selected team member had to search a tank filled with sharks and sting rays for a compass.  Once they found the compass, it would help decode a message written in flags outside the Ocean World.

The first few teams through the Roadblock completed it without any drama.  However, Margie and Luke and Jaime and Cara tried to complete the flag portion too quickly and missed a portion of the message.  Flight Time and Big Easy also committed the same error, but were bailed out by Zev and Justin who told their former race mates what the clue was allowing the Globetrotters to move on.

Margie and Luke and Jaime and Cara tried to get the same information from Zev and Justin but were rebuked.  Fortunately for the two pairs, Ron and Christina and Mel and Mike agreed to give them the clue if they directed them where to go.  Margie and Luke repaid the favor to Kent and Vyxsin leaving just Jet and Cord unable to solve the puzzle.

After completing the Roadblock, teams had to take a 16-foot skiff ride through Manly Bay to retrieve their clue.  Although Jaime and Cara and Flight Time and Big Easy had some difficulty maneuvering their skiff, all ten teams who completed the Roadblock finished the sailing portion and headed to the Pit Stop.

Arriving at the Pit Stop on the beach in first place, Gary and Mallory were excited to learn they had won the Express Pass.  They were equally as stunned when Phil informed them that while they finished first, they were not done racing.  As the episode ended, only Jet and Cord had not reached the Pit Stop, continuing to struggle with the flag message.

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We're easy on the eyes too. If I had to look at me for hours, I would.

Big Easy

the last time we were in the race Big Easy got us eliminated.

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