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The second episode of The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business left off where the first episode ended; right in the middle of the first leg.  Jet and Cord were still struggling to finish the Roadblock even though all the other ten teams had advanced past the faux Pit Stop.  

The cowboys finally finished the roadblock and completed the sailing arriving at the faux Pit Stop expecting to be eliminated.  When Phil gave the cowboys the good news, the pair were shocked at their fortune.  However, their good luck didn’t last long as Jet and Cord struggled to figure out their very next clue.  

Once the cowboys figured out the clue, they would learn that they had caught up with at least five other teams by virtue of a charter flight, but had to do so in time to actually make the flight.  The first six teams were set to depart at 6am with the trailing five teams departing at 6:30am.  Fortunately for Jet and Cord, they had all evening to decipher the clue and managed to make their flights.

Separated by only 30 minutes, the two charters set off from Sydney to Broken Hill, Northern Territory and on to The Living Desert where they encountered a Detour.  As the eleven teams filtered in to the Detour, all eleven chose the same option, Spirit World.  The teams had to construct an aboriginal ground mosaic and then perform a dance on top of the mosaic to complete the task.  

Only Ron and Christina had difficulty completing the challenge and they were the last to arrive anyway.  Fortunately for the father/daughter combo, Amanda and Kris were U-turned by virtue of finishing last in the first challenge and were forced to complete the other portion of the Detour.  This gave Ron and Christina enough time to stay out of last place.

After completing the Detour the teams had to figure out that their next clue, “The home of the Magpie” was sending them to the Central Football Club stadium.  Once there the teams were instructed to don kangaroo suits and special shoes that made them hop to their next destination.  All they had to figure out their location was a Periodic Table with the elements Mercury and Bismuth highlighted.

The highlighted elements on the Periodic Table referred to the intersection of Mercury Street and Bismuth Street in Broken Hill.  The teams began to work together to try and figure out the clue which caused significant bunching of the groups.  Leading the first group was Zev and Justin who found the intersection first and subsequently made their way to the Pit Stop, Junction Mine, in first place as well.

After their rough start to the leg, Jet and Cord actually managed to finish in third place.  Along with the cowboys, Flight Time and Big Easy went from the second plane to land in Broken Arrow to second place.  Unfortunately for the other three teams on the second flight, they found themselves fighting for last place.  In the end, being forced to do both ends of the Detour was too much of a deficit for Amanda and Kris to overcome.

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The Amazing Race Season 18 Episode 2 Quotes

Margie: I really hope we can continue our relationship with Jaime and Cara again.
Luke: Race girlfriends.

Why did we do this again?