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With just one leg to go on the 19th season of The Amazing Race, the teams learn from the very beginning that their final destination city will be Atlanta, Georgia.  The big wrinkle is that Atlanta is where Amani and Marcus live, so they would seem to have an edge.  Neither Ernie and Cindy nor Jeremy and Sandy have any sort of an edge as the teams all started together and took the same flight to Atlanta.

Upon landing the teams had to find Flight Safety International where they would take part in a Lear Jet flight simulator.  The teams had to pick a pilot and co-pilot and successfully land a Leer Jet from an altitude of 2,500 feet.  Ernie and Cindy were the first to attempt a landing, but failed.  This allowed Jeremy and Sandy to stay in first place with a successful first run.  Ernie and Cindy would complete the task on their next try while Amani and Marcus needed twelve tries, effectively eliminating them from contention.

After completing the flight challenge the teams were instructed to find the house formerly known as ‘The Dump’.  Needing to find writer Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone with the Wind, Jeremy and Sandy’s lead evaporates when they go to a furniture store surprisingly called ‘The Dump’.  

While Jeremy and Sandy spent a lot of time trying to determine if they were in the right place, Ernie and Cindy made their way to Margaret Mitchell’s house for the Roadblock.  The selected teammate needed to type up their next clue using an old fashioned type writer.  With no backspace or white-out, Ernie needed several attempts to get the clue correct.  Another wrinkle was that the number one was actually a lower case L.  

The hint on the clue the teams typed for themselves was “44 – 175 – 74”.  What the teams had to figure out was the clue was referring to #44, former Braves player Hank Aaron and former home run king, which he set with his 715th homerun in 1974.  Using a hotel computer, Ernie and Cindy determine that they need to find Hank Aaron and presume they have to make their way to the home of the Braves, Turner Field.

At Turner Field the teams were faced with an enormous 100’ x 50’ map of the world where they had to trace the route they had traveled over the last 30 days.  Suspended from the top of the map, Cindy maneuvered the rope indicating their path without getting single destination incorrect.  Completing the challenge revealed the final Pit Stop: Swan House.

A well known destination, Ernie and Cindy’s taxi cab somehow gets very lost, even while using a GPS.  Their delay breathes life back in to Jeremy and Sandy’s attempt to win, but their mistake with Margaret Mitchell’s house put them too far behind.  Ernie and Cindy easily won the race with Jeremy and Sandy in second and Amani and Marcus a distant third.

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