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Amani and Marcus had built almost a two hour lead over last place team Jeremy and Sandy at the end of the previous leg, but everyone was evened up when teams were instructed to fly to Lilongwe, Malawi to start this leg of the race.  Upon arriving in Lilongwe teams needed to take a taxi to the tobacco warehouse, gate #7.  Those who were on the front of the plane and got out first got a significant head start on those in the back.  

The teams were faced with a Roadblock upon arriving at the tobacco warehouse.  The selected team member had to use a small hand cart to transport ten 200lb bags of tobacco from one end of the warehouse to the other.  Although the challenge did not require much critical thinking, it was physically taxing in the heat of Africa.

After completing the Roadblock, the teams were sent to Memorial Tower for a Detour.  Their options were All Sewn Up or ‘Not Grown Up.  For Sewn the teams had to make their way to a local market and finish sewing a suit jacket and pants for a waiting customer.  In Grown Up the teams visited a local elementary school and had to build two toy trucks in the local fashion.  Similar to the Roadblock, both options did not prove difficult for the teams and they completed the challenges in the order they arrived.  

Before heading to the Pit Stop, the teams had to stop at the R-K Furniture stop and pick up two hand-made wooden bed frames to deliver to the Pit Stop.  Teams had to figure out that they needed to inquire to have a local driver take them and the beds to the Pit Stop.  Once at the Pit Stop they faced a difficult walk carrying the beds to meet Phil and avoid finishing last.

Justin and Jennifer got to the Pit Stop first, but forgot to pay their truck driver and had to go back and pay him before checking in.  This allowed Andy and Tommy to once again slide in to first place because of another team’s mistake.  Bill and Cathi made the same mistake as Justin and Jennifer and missed out on a third place finish because of it.  Fortunately for the grandparents, they still managed to finish ahead of Amani and Marcus who were not eliminated, but now face a Speed Bump next week.

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The Amazing Race Season 19 Episode 6 Quotes

I've never been to Africa. There's no snow in Africa.


Mistakes are inevitable in this race. You just have to minimize them.