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Despite finishing less than 40 minutes behind leaders Andy and Tommy, last place Amani and Marcus barely make it on to the 7am bus they are instructed to take from Kumbali Village to Salima.  Marcus is certainly happy to catch up with the other six teams, but also enjoys the two hour bus ride because it gave him a chance to appreciate what beautiful landscapes were to be seen in Malawi.

Once in Salima the teams encountered the first of a number of physical challenges on this leg of the race.  The Roadblock instructed the selected team member to ride a bicycle designed to transport a passenger to a located specified on their cargo.  With the help of the local towns people the racers found the location, delivered their passenger and cargo and had to return to the start to hand over the money earned for their next clue.

Sandy, Cathi and Laurence struggle with getting directions to their location.  This allowed Cindy to stay in first place and gives Andy an opportunity to jump four teams in to second place.  Jennifer, meanwhile, makes an even worse mistake when she forgets to bring her clue with her on the delivery.  She successfully makes the delivery, but loses valuable time trying to figure out what to do and falls in to last place.

Before completing the Roadblock, Amani and Marcus were forced to do the Speed Bump, their penalty for finishing last in the previous leg.  The difficult challenge requires the duo to complete a slide puzzle to resemble the new Malawi flag.  Although the pair struggle with the puzzle, Jennifer’s mistake is so grave that they are able to make up all of the time and finish the Roadblock in sixth place.

Another physical challenge awaits the racers after the Roadblock.  The Detour options are Dugout or Lugout.  For Dugout the teams paddle a traditional Malawi canoe out to a pair of buoys and back.  The challenge is especially difficult because of the unique design of the boats.  In Lugout the racers wade out to a barge just off the shore and transport cargo, including people, from the ship back to the shore.

With Justin and Jennifer lagging behind, the first five teams all go with the Dugout options.  Fearing the water and relying on their team strength, Amani and Marcus decide to go with the seemingly harder Lugout option.  However, the pair power through the challenge while Jeremy and Sandy Zac struggled with the canoe and finished in fifth place.

The time Amani and Marcus made up on the Detour would prove to be vital.  Right after the Detour the teams faced a double U-Turn.  Although Laurence and Zac finished the Detour moments before Amani and Marcus, the father and son did not find the Double U-Turn before Amani and Marcus eclipsed them.  While Amani and Marcus declined to U-Turn anyone, thinking they were ahead of Amani and Marcus, Laurence and Zac choose to U-Turn the couple.  Had they actually been behind, Amani and Marcus would have had to complete the Dugout portion of the Detour.

Despite falling to sixth place, Jeremy and Sandy were far enough ahead of Justin and Jennifer where they did not need to U-Turn the brother and sister and still easily finished ahead of the duo to avoid elimination.  Unfortunately for Justin and Jennifer, Jennifer’s mistake at the Roadblock was too costly to overcome and they were eliminated.

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