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Departing from Bavaria, Germany the teams are told they will be heading to the Temple of Fire in Azerbaijan to start the sixth leg of The Amazing Race.  Unfortunately for the leading teams their over two hour difference between Nary and Jamie in last place is erased when all teams end up on the same flight.  Even after getting out of the airport all seven teams catch up at the first Route Marker waiting for the temple to open at sunrise.

Once the temple is open the teams are surprised to see another Fast Forward.  The challenge is a physical one asking the team to unload and stack 150 bales of hay.  Undaunted, Rachel and Dave and Joey “Fitness” and Danny head to the challenge convinced they could win.  Despite having two fit men for the challenge, Rachel demonstrates her meddle and propels her team to finish the challenge first and win the Fast Forward.

With Rachel and Dave heading to the Pit Stop the other four teams plus a now well behind Joey and Danny head to the Roadblock at Occupational Training International.  To complete the Roadblock the selected team member has to successfully escape from a simulation of a helicopter crashing in water.  Though many of the chosen team members are anxious about facing fears of drowning and confinement, all six teams complete the challenge without incident.  

After completing the Roadblock the six remaining teams headed for the Detour.  Their options were vastly different.  The first choice aptly named Apples had the teams search through a car full of apples for one with a The Amazing Race colored flag on it.  If the teams did not want to search for a proverbial needle in the haystack, they could travel to a literal oil bath house and help a customer clean off after bathing in crude oil.

Despite the squeamish nature of the oil option, four of the five teams ahead of Joey and Danny chose to clean off the oil.  Though extremely disgusting, the four teams who braved the oil were rewarded by staying ahead of Nary and Jamie who curiously chose the apples.  Well behind everyone else, Joey and Danny also chose the apples option, hoping to get lucky and make up some time.

After Rachel and Dave checked in to the Pit Stop well ahead of the other racers courtesy of the Fast Forward, Art and JJ considered their second place finish a win.  Despite choosing the longer Detour option, Nary and Jamie were far enough ahead of Joey and Danny to avoid elimination.  For the best friends from Long Island losing the Fast Forward turned out to eliminate them from the race.

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The Amazing Race Season 20 Episode 6 Quotes

These are first place glasses by the way.


[Joey and Danny] look like they're from a bad 80s movie with some Wham playing in the background.