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Tensions reach a boiling point early on the sixth leg of The Amazing Race.  After departing the Pit Stop in Baku, Azerbaijan Art and JJ and Brendon and Rachel find themselves at the same travel agency trying to coordinate transportation to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.  Although Team Big Brother doesn’t understand why, Art and JJ do not like the former reality television show stars’ inclusion on the race because they believe Brendon and Rachel follow them consistently.

All six teams are able to book the same transportation to Kilimanjaro and that means they’re spending a lot of time together.  While making a connection in Nairobi, Brendon bumps in to Ralph and flips him off in the process.  This sparks immense conflict between Brendon and Rachel and Vanessa and Ralph as the two couples verbally spar waiting to get on the flight to Kilimanjaro.  

No longer fighting with Brendon and Rachel, Art and JJ turn their attention to Nary and Jamie and confront the duo about their alleged kindergarten teacher profession.  Citing a conversation the two teams had last episode regarding “UC” or undercover operations, border patrol officers Art and JJ know that no civilian would speak the way Nary and Jamie did.  Even though their cover is clearly blown, Nary and Jamie stick with their story about what they do for a living.

After landing in Kilimanjaro the teams race to Arusha Airstrip to sign up for one of three flights departing 15 minutes apart.  The prop plane flight gives them a magnificent tour of some of Tanzania’s most beautiful countryside and lands them in a remote area near the Ngorongoro Crater.  Once the plane has landed the two teams per flight race to their next clue marker, a Detour.

The Detour for this leg of the race gave teams an option between two traditional Tanzanian activities.  In Marksmanship each member of the team had to hit a moving clay target resembling a rabbit with a traditional Tanzanian throwing weapon.  For the other option, Courtship, the teams had to perform a Tanzanian tribal ritual and jump continuously for a minute at an elevation of over 8,000 feet.

Only two teams, Brendon and Rachel and Mark and Bopper, chose what would be the much faster option, Courtship.  The remaining four took longer at Marksmanship, but not much longer and did not lose much time.  After completing the challenge the teams had to direct their driver to the Simb A Campsite to find their next clue.

Finding the campsite proved to be very difficult and the teams arrived at the clue in a different order than when they left the Detour.  Their instructions at the campsite were to put together a large campsite complete with a metal frame tent, beds and a table.  Getting the frame of the tent together proved very difficult and resulted in tension between many of the teammates.  The infighting allowed Vanessa and Ralph, who fell well behind getting from the Detour to the campsite, to catch up.  

Although Brendon and Rachel struggled with the tent build, the duo only slipped from second to fourth place.  Nary and Jamie, on the other hand, let their large lead over Vanessa and Ralph evaporate and fell way behind in to last place.  Fortunately for the federal agents, the leg was a non-elimination leg and they are still racing.

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