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Kyle West gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

Megan is a waitress and serves a group of guys who are being real jerks. She then goes to an audition and meets someone she ran lines with before who ended up getting the part.

Kyle is running and comes across a goat. 

Megan goes into her audition. The producers are watching her read when Kyle comes in. he's entranced by her.

Megan is out having drinks with the girls and talks about the audition. Her friends of the Higher Mind Institute.

The next day she learns that her boyfriend got another woman pregnant. 

Megan is with her friends when her friends brings over a bunch of guys for her to meet. At first Megan isn't into it, then she starts drinking and loosens up, but she doesn't get lucky like her friends. She gets a phone call from her agent that she is going to be reading with Kyle West. She doesn't want to do it because she's hungover.

Kyle is getting ready for the audition. His personal assistant is there giving him information about an upcoming event. Kyle arrives at the audition and begins working with his potential costars.

Megan does her audition with Kyle and leaves. Kyle follows her out before she gets in her car. He tells her she was amazing. He asks her to lunch. She accepts. They go to an out of the way taco place and just talk.

He starts talking about the Institute of the Higher Mind and how the three imperatives questions are important to the audition process. he brings her with him to Mexico where he's planning to buy an island.

At the Institute a girl asks Anderson a question. He and his wife talk about Megan and how he doesn't like her. He's concerned that she'll become like his ex...a trainwreck.

Kyle and Megan are in Mexico at the beach. She tells him her last 24-hours story then performs a rap she did in high school. He loves it. Then they kiss and end up in bed together.

Megan is on set when her agent comes and tells her about the proposal Kyle has made for a contract marriage. 

Anderson talks to Sophie, the therapist Kyle was with earlier. They want her to go away quietly, but she is refusing.

Kyle and Megan meet about the proposal he made to her. 

Megan is with her friends talking about her adventures with Kyle and the proposal. Megan has something in her past she's trying to keep hidden.

Megan visits Kyle at his house. Anderson arrives and greets her. Megan signs the contract. They arrive somewhere as a new couple.





The Arrangement
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