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At a party, people's phones go off as Megan and Kyle speak. Something just went viral on the internet.

Two hours earlier, Megan is on the phone with her agent. Hope and Shaun are in the limo with her headed to the party. 

Inside the party is in full swing. The girls meet Kyle for the first time. They're a little overwhelmed by all the celebrities in the house.

Megan introduced Hope to a famous director. Shaun meets someone herself. 

The studio wants to replace Megan in the photo. Terence tells DeAnn about the plan to replace Megan in the film.

The producer is talking to Kyle about replacing Megan. Kyle listens then tells them if they don't keep her in the movie, there won't be a movie. 

Terence and Deann talk about what just happened. 

Hope is drunk and making a fool of herself in front of a director, Megan and Kyle. Kyle takes Hope to the car. She flirts with Kyle and he puts her in his place. 

Circle back to the start of the episode with everybody getting phone alerts.

Shaun shows Megan the photos. She's telling Kyle, DeAnn, and Terence about what happened. Kyle ends the party. Reporters are eating up the nude photos.

The agent calls Megan to tell her that the rumor is that she leaked the photos herself. She also knows that there is a kill plan in the contract. Kyle is not happy and makes his own phone call to find out about the morality clause. Kyle's solution is to pack a bag and get out of L.A. for a while.

Kyle takes Megan to a cabin in the woods and talks to her about the Institute. 

Leslie accuses Deann of leaking the photos. Kyle and Megan have a fight in the woods.

Kyle and Megan talk about the photos and declare their love for each other. 

Megan decides to let Kyle take some naked photos of her in the woods. They ended up posting a naked photo of them together. 

Terence is not happy.

Kyle is meeting with Terence about the photos they leaked. Kyle thinks Terence leaked the original photos. Terence tells Kyle he's all in with Megan.

Kyle and Megan are prepping for an interview. 

Leslie drops the news that Megan has been replaced in the movie. Deann didn't even know. Megan is not happy about what's happening. Kyle is trying to calm her down.

Everyone wants to cancel the interview, but Megan says no and goes forward with the interview.

Megan completes the interview, but after the camera stops rolling leaves in tears.

Hope and Shaun are having a drink. Hope is not happy with Megan and is trashing her. Hope is still mad about getting kicked out of the party. Then she admits she leaked the photos to try to save Megan. Shaun is not happy with Hope.

Deann visits Megan at home.

A detective comes to visit Terence about a missing person, Sophie.

Kyle is at home working out. Megan is still ignoring his calls, but listens to the messages he left for her including him telling her he loves her.



The Arrangement
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The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I just want to stop and tell you how wonderful you are.


Hope: The whole world finally knows who you are.
Megan: All they really know is that I'm Kyle West's girlfriend. Wait. What if that's all that I am?