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Leslie visits with Megan.

Megan tries out for a new part while Terence and Deann tell Kyle about another new part playing a guy named Oliver Kent.

Deann learns that Wes is doing a training session with IHM.

Megan gets a call from Karen. She didn't get the part. She and Deann talk about losing the part. She assures Megan that things will change.

They are on location for Technicolor Highway. A woman sees Megan and gets excited over here instead of Kyle.

Leslie shows up at the location spot to talk to Megan. She tells Megan the real reason she didn't get the part -- that Creative Partners pulled her out.

Wes is at an IHM session talking about his mom but he is having difficulty.

Megan learns there's a non compete clause in her contract.

Megan confronts Kyle about the non-compete clause. Deann and Leslie go at it.  Kyle tells Megan he can't change the contract. She is pissed. He tells her that without him he'd be nothing.

Leslie and Deann drank and talk.

Zach confront Shaun about Julie. He tries to get into her head. 

Kyle wants to know why Megan signed the contract and she's honest with him. She tells him she doesn't know if she'd sign the contract if she could do it over again.

Isaac tells IHM board about something he found that has to do with immortality.

Kyle and Megan are on location. It seems there is an illness spreading around the entire crew has it as well. Kyle wants to go forward with the movie. He tells Deann to direct.

After shooting a scene without Kyle, Megan tells Kyle she wouldn't sign the contract if she could do it over again but then tells him she loves him and wants to move forward. He tells her she should do the movie.

Shaun is looking for Julie Wolth. Zach convinced her.


The Arrangement
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The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Am I the only one who's worried about the huge mess we're about to have on our hands.


Never count on anything, right. Never think you know. I can't believe I let myself go there.