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While watching Bobby Kennedy on television, Wally tells Jo that he is planning to retire after completing his next mission.

Alan tells Louise that he has been reading about a surgery that could help his disease. He wants to get tests in hopes of being able to go to the moon.

Deke worries about one of the couples, who seems to be having marital trouble. He asks Marge to get involved and try to keep the two together, believing appearances are important for the mission.

Rene assists with Bobby Kennedy's campaign, and she is there when he is assassinated.

Jo and Wally's son announces that he is planning to enlist. Jo has trouble with the decision and encourages him to rethink it.

Louise doesn't want Alan to get the surgery, but he insists he knows that he can do more.

Marge helps Harriet to get her divorce after finding out that Harriet's husband was cheating on her.

Rene gets the opportunity to call the Apollo 8 mission, thanks to a little help from Annie.

Jo and Wally move away when he takes a job somewhere else, and they take their son with him, who appears to be going off to college instead of enlisting.

The Astronaut Wives Club
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The Astronaut Wives Club Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

It's hard to go back to writing about the world when, for a minute, I was actually a part of shaping it.


Divorce that jerk. The whole world is changing. Why can't we?