Answering Calls - The Baby-Sitters Club Season 2 Episode 6
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The Spiers move into the Schafer's home for a week. Dawn cleaned the house to prepare. Dawn goes overboard calling Mary Anne sis and telling Mary Anne to treat her room and stuff like her own.

Mary Anne finds an entrance to a secret passageway in Dawn's closet.

Mal and Jessi are babysitting her siblings. Byron fell and got hurt.

At dinner, Sharon tells the girls about the underground tunnels under the house. Mary Anne looks worried. Dawn and Mary Anne need different comfort items to sleep. Mary Anne has a clown doll and Dawn uses incense.

The BSC decides to throw Mal's sister Claire a carnival birthday party when they hear the Pikes are short on money after Byron's medical expenses. Mallory looks uneasy about this. They all volunteer for special things. Mary Anne will bake the cake.

Dawn volunteers to be the clown, even though she thinks they're creepy. This is the first friction between Dawn and Mary Anne.

Dawn becomes angry when she sees the mess her mom and Mary Anne made baking the cake. She felt left they got along so well. She rebuffed Richard's efforts to hang out.

Dawn was still angry at the next meeting and forgot about being a clown. The Pikes have a costume.

Mallory was stressing the day of the party with all the effort her friends put in.

Dawn and Mary Anne got trapped in the secret passage and have a huge fight. Once everything is out, they make up.

Richard tries again to get Dawn to try coloring to destress. The family has a nice dinner.

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The Baby-Sitters Club Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Dawn: I want you to treat my space like it's your own.
Mary Anne: Really?
Dawn: Absolutely. What’s mine is yours.

Sharon: Richie, are you going to say hello or what?
Richard: (Kisses Sharon). Sorry. Hello.