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The Women Tell All. The Bachelor's penultimate episode was, as usual, the special in which the rejected babes go off on Brad Womack. Or something.

Host Chris Harrison relived some of the most memorable moments this season with the defeated women. Some were put in the hot seat and some were only given a moment to answer a quick question. Eventually, Brad Womack faced the music and came out to face the women himself and answer questions.

The women placed their bets on Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas as Brad gets ready to tell the world who he fell in love with after next week's season finale airs. But here's a look at The Bachelor: The Women Tell All!

It didn't take long for the claws to come out, that's for sure. Early on, Chris Harrison asked the women what they thought of each other. Clips are aired of all the nasty things Hillary said about the other women.

McCarten went toe to toe with everyone from Hillary to Sarah to Stephy, not claiming to like any of them nor caring about making friends. She called herself "forward" and "mature" but everyone called her a bully.

Three women sat in the hot seat tonight: Hillary, Bettina Bell, and Sheena Stewart. Hillary was up first and was forced to relive her meltdown when Brad Womack rejected her. Her face remained serious and sad.

When Chris asked her about it, she put on a smile and joked around about not realizing that Brad Womack never had romantic feelings for her. Bettina Bell went next and things got heavy when she admitted to being turned off to Brad in D.C. after he felt offended by her family.

Sheena Stewart was the last to go, and had to watch her own rejection at the hands of Brad again. Chris introduced Brad, but Sheena knew right away that it was actually his twin brother, Chad Womack.

Chad paid Sheena a big compliment, calling her a class act.

The girls took a few questions from the audience. Bettina Bell admitted to feeling weird after spending the night with Brad, knowing he also spent the night with Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas in Cabo San Lucas.

When Brad Womack joined the women on the stage, Hillary asked Brad why he couldn't have been more clear with her. He said what we were all thinking. He told her in every way he could and she didn't get it.

Brad told Bettina Bell how much he truly did care for her, but just felt he didn't know her. He told Chris that he was the happiest he has ever been and can't wait to reveal who he has proposed to.

From the footage shown of next week's finale, it looks like DeAnna Pappas will end up being the one but we'll have to wait and see. That could just be a network ploy to make things interesting. He told her that he only believed in getting married once and told Jenni Croft she brings out a side of him he never even knew...

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