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On the fifth episode of this 11th season of The Bachelor, Brad Womack is headed out on three separate, sexy dates with the remaining six women. Half a dozen to go!

He was able to have two different one-on-one dates as well as a group date.  The only roses given out were at the ceremony, and when one unlucky lady got eliminated, she had the mother of all meltdowns.

Bettina was the first to get a one-on-one date with Brad. The two had a picnic by the water. The attraction here seemed genuine but they only exchanged kisses on the cheek. Lame.

Jenni, Kristy, Hillary, and DeAnna Pappas were invited on a group date to Brad's house for a pool party. Kristy was not thrilled at the idea of this date and spent most of the episode sitting by herself.

During some alone time with Brad Womack, DeAnna Pappas hoped to share some kisses with Brad but found it hard to do with the other girls staring them down.

Instead, Brad takes off with Jenni and kisses her.

In her confessional, Hillary goes a little overboard saying all the things she'd like Brad Womack to do to her. Hot stuff... sort of. She also spent much of the date worried, jealous, and complaining.

For his date with Sheena Stewart, Brad takes her on the ultimate date.

First, he takes her to choose from six ball gowns, then a romantic dinner in a room filled with balloons. During the meal, he gives her a gift of diamond heart shaped earrings.

The two finish the evening dancing to live music. When she returns home, Bettina complains that her date wasn't exciting as the one Sheena Stewart got.

Jenni Croft confronts her but she promises that she was only kidding.

Before the rose ceremony, the girls make their last impression on Brad before he has to eliminate two of them. The stakes were high, as the remaining four women get to take him home to meet their families.

DeAnna Pappas finally got the kiss she was waiting for, Bettina showed her feelings for Brad, and Sheena Stewart wrote him a poem.

All three were given roses at the ceremony, along with Jenni Croft.

When Brad Womack eliminated Kristy, she took it well. She had never really been into the process and she probably wasn't surprised.

The same cannot be said for Hillary who has spent all of her time on the show in denial, thinking Brad Womack was the one, that he was falling for her ... when he obviously never was.

She said her goodbyes and went to leave but melted down outside. She said she couldn't breathe so Brad came out to calm her down. He laid it out for her one last time: they were only friends. That there is how it is.

NEXT: Bettina, DeAnna Pappas, Jenni Croft and Sheena Stewart get hometown dates with Brad Womack. Will they go well... or go up in flames? Stay tuned to The Bachelor and find out.

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