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After an emotional previous episode, on the fourth episode of this young season of The Bachelor, the girls were split up over three dates. Six would go on a group date. Two would head out with Brad Womack, but only one would come home. And one woman would get to spend a very special one-on-one date with Brad.

On the dates and at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, many women get emotional and Brad Womack is left with a tough decision, eliminating three women throughout the night. How did he arrive at his decision?

Jenni received the first note on this night's The Bachelor, letting her know that she would be spending time 1-on-1 with Brad Womack. He arrived in a helicopter, picking her up right at the house. The two flew to a rooftop and shared a romantic meal. On the date, it was obvious that there was a genuine connection between the two and he didn't hesitate to hand her that rose.

They shared many kisses. The prospects looked good.

Six of the girls went on their group date with Brad Womack to an improv class. Hillary really got a chance to show Brad her goofy side and was totally uninhibited. The same cannot be said for Kristy, who struggled through the date, and ended up bursting into tears.

She competed for most embarrassing moment with Bettina, who yelled out that she loved Brad in a game, then said she meant it in her interview. Her declaration of love got Brad's attention, though - and got her a rose.

Rivals DeAnna and Jade were invited to the 2-on-1 date (oooooga) but only one of them would be coming back and they knew this. The ladies had dinner with Brad and immediately begin competing for his attention, trying to top the other one every time he posed a question. Typical girls.

When they were alone with him, they tried to show softer sides and force their connections with him. In the end, he chose DeAnna, saying that he felt more with her, and sent a crying Jade home to Nashville

Before the rose ceremony, the girls grill Brad and find out he kissed Jenni first. They all immediately turn on her, particularly Bettina who calls her a liar and a slut. Jenni doesn't seem to care and say she's only there for Brad. Safe at the rose ceremony along with Bettina and DeAnna, Brad had to choose three more to join them. He gave the first rose to Kristy, and also kept Sheena and Hillary, sending McCarten and Stephy home.

Those vanquished from The Bachelor:

  1. Jade
  2. Stephy
  3. McCarten

The remaining Bachelorettes from which Brad Womack must choose:

  1. Jenni
  2. Bettina
  3. DeAnna
  4. Kristy
  5. Sheena
  6. Hillary

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