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Having bid farewell to Sheena Stewart, on the most recent episode of The Bachelor (November 5), the hunky Brad Womack took the remaining three women on individual overnight dates in Mexico.

Each accepted the "fantasy card suite" and told Brad Womack how they were truly feeling. A tough decision laid ahead for Brad as the dates wore on, as he had to send one woman home. Here is how The Bachelor did it...

Brad had his first date in Cabo San Lucas with the pretty Jenni Croft. The two went swimming at the dolphins (cute) which proved to be a fun and unique experience.

Afterwards, he pushes to find out how Jenni Croft is feeling about him but she has a hard time finding the words. Jenni chooses to show him instead, in the fantasy suite. Oooooooh, baby.

Next, Brad headed out for a day of sailing with Bettina. At dinner, they rehash the fight they had when he visited her annoying family in D.C. Ouch.

She tried to assure him that her family was only looking out for her and making sure she didn't get hurt. Brad feels that every time they talked, the conversation was heavy and full of emotion. Bettina agreed to go back to the fantasy suite with him, where they spent the night.

Brad's final date was with DeAnna Pappas and they had a great time riding and racing dune buggies. He admitted to having strong feelings for her in his interview, and said that she had all of the qualities he was looking for in a woman. She's looking like the frontrunner thus far.

At dinner, DeAnna Pappas told him that she was falling in love with him, which made him very happy. She also chose to spend the night with him up in the fantasy suite. Lucky stiff.

At the rose ceremony, Brad Womack admitted that this was indeed a very tough decision. 

He decided to choose Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas as his final two on this season of The Bachelor, thereby eliminating Bettina. A tough choice but one that had to be done.

Outside, as she waited for the car, she asked Brad why he chose to send her home. Brad felt that it was too much work and felt that he didn't know too much about Bettina. In the limo, on her way home, Bettina said that she felt like she fell in love all by herself.

Next week, the women Brad Womack eliminated come back to confront him and ask the questions they've been dying to ask. After that, Brad will take Jenni and DeAnna home to meet his family. The tension builds.

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