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Picking up where we left off on last week's season premiere, the 15 lasting Bachelorettes move into their Malibu mansion. There will be two group dates this week and there will be a rose handed out at each.

The first date box has already arrived and inside are lots of wide brimmed hats and toy horses. Jade reads the note:

"Join me for a day at the races, Brad." Those going to the track are: Erin, McCarten, Kristy, Mallory, Hillary, Jade and DeAnna.

As they get ready, McCarten tells Hillary that she's going to get the first kiss from Brad and Hillary responds, "You want my sloppy seconds? Because I'm kissing him first!"

Oh. No. She. Didn't.

Jade says she thinks she has a good shot at getting the rose because she's one of the more competitive women there and also, "I, personally, think I'm better looking."

At the Del Mar racetrack, Brad Womack greets the women, all wearing sundresses and the hats he sent and hugs them in turn. Heck yes. This is going to be an adventure.

He ushers them into a private suite, and hands them all a present: One hundred dollars to bet on the horses! Brad watches closely to see who bets big, saying, "You can tell a lot about a person by the way they bet."

When Mallory only bets $2, all the other women laugh, but the sexy Brad Womack tells her he likes someone being conservative. An interesting revelation from the man we're getting to know.

Back at the Bachelorette mansion, another date box arrives (ooh), this one containing beach towels and bikinis. Jenni reads the note, which says, "Join me for some fun in the sun in Malibu."

The women are excited, to say the least. Not only can they show off their bikini bods, but they'll get to see Brad in swim trunks! HOT!

The women are in the kitchen making drinks when they hear a scream. Michele has fallen down the stairs and is badly injured! The paramedics arrive and take her out on a stretcher. The Bachelorettes watch anxiously as Michele leaves the house in the back of the emergency vehicle.

Back at the track, Brad asks Hillary about her perfect guy and she says he has to be taller than her when she's wearing heels, which Brad is.

She also wants someone who's sweet and down to earth and who has a sense of humor because, she admits, she's really a big dork. The others, especially Jade, are jealous that Hillary and Brad are holding hands.

A guest from the neighboring suite joins the women: it's Shawn Philips from the San Diego Chargers and he has gifts for all of them.

Next, McCarten says she really wants to go on the beach date, but she's not sure if she'll be up for it. Brad is upset at the news, and so are some of the women when he tells them ... but McCarten's reaction is to wonder why Michele called him if she has a concussion, and how she got his number!?

Just the same, McCarten asks Brad for some one on one time. He takes her hand as they walk out of the suite. Privately, she says he's so good looking she might just "lay one on him."

She's holding a wine glass and he isn't, so she proposes an "imaginary toast" to new beginnings. "Or I could kiss you," she says, and leans in and, midsentence, plants a kiss on the unsuspecting Bachelor.

He confides to the camera that he didn't find the kiss very good, but if there's a next one, he hopes it'll be better. McCarten is insulted when he wipes his mouth, but he assures her that he meant nothing by it.

On a private deck overlooking the ocean, DeAnna tells him she came into this thinking that he if he likes her, he likes her and if not, she'll be glad to go back home right this instant.

She admits she has the same hopes the other women have, but it's hard vying for Brad's attention. She's a bit miffed when Brad excuses himself since their one on one time has barely begun.

A little later, DeAnna tells Brad that the longest relationship she's been in lasted five years, and that the guy cheated on her, so she would never, ever to do that to anyone. So there.

The rest of the Bachelorettes decide to bust in on Brad and DeAnna. They pretend to be happy that "DeDe" has a rose and Jade confesses that the DeAnna has become the frontrunner, but wonder about her.

After Brad held her hand and rubbed her back (HOT!), Hillary wonders why she didn't get the rose. As the sun sets, Brad leads them in a toast "to many more good times."

Brad wishes Michele well and then drives his beach dates to the Polaroid Beach House in Malibu. He makes the women drinks as they strip down to their bikinis. Damn! Brad isn't taking his shirt off quick enough!

Sarah steals Brad away first and Jenni vows she'd never be aggressive in such a way. Brad tells Sarah that he loves her disposition and he used to be very serious but he's trying to be more laidback.

In front of everyone else, Solisa announces she wants Brad to take a body shot off of her and he says, "What did I get into?" But he does it, first licking the salt off her chest and then biting the lime in her mouth.

-- Solisa goal: Make Brad see that she's a "free spirit."
-- Bettina's reaction: "I think I'm going to throw up!"

During their one on one, Solisa tells Brad she's a good Christian and that morals are very important her. Later, she worries that telling him that is something that might mean she's not getting a rose.

Alone time with Jenni leads to an extended kiss with Brad, after which they both laugh. He tells her every time they're together, he can't stop smiling and laughing.

Even though she doesn't name names, Jade tells Brad to watch out for the girls who are just in it for the exposure, and not for him. She has no regrets about warning Brad if that's what it takes to get ahead.

Host Chris enters and announces it's time for the Rose Ceremony. Cue the music. We know that Sarah and DeAnna are safe, each with a rose of her own. One by one, and amid much drama, heart pounding and tears, Brad gives roses to:

  • Kristy
  • Bettina
  • Hillary
  • Stephy
  • Sheena
  • McCarten
  • Jenni
  • Lindsey
  • Jade
  • Solisa

Which means that Erin, Mallory, and Michele are going home.

Erin seems to be alright with it, saying she believes her Prince Charming is still out there. Mallory says that Brad wasn't feeling a connection and she maybe needed more time. Michele is more emotional about how it played out, saying she's "shocked" to be going home. "I'm a nice person and I kick ass, and people fall in love with me, just not Brad," she says, crying.

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