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Meet sexy Bachelor Brad Womack, a 34-year-old entrepreneur and identical twin who owns four bars with his brothers in his hometown of Austin.

Brad Womack says he's "an everyday, hardworking guy who's looking for his soul mate." Let's see if he finds it on the 11th season premiere of The Bachelor on ABC.

The 25 Bachelorettes are literally bouncing on their beds at their hotel in their excitement to meet Brad, about whom they they know nothing about!

First out of the limo is Sheena, who asks Brad Womack for a hug right off the bat. She tells him she looks forward to getting to know him.

Next is Jenni, who's wearing a short black dress. She's from Kansas, and lived in Dallas for three years, she tells Brad when she learns he's from Austin. He says, "We're going to get along already."

Brad says Kim's multicolored dress is "beautiful," and he asks her if he can "steal a hug." She's holding her shoes in her hand because she was worried she might be taller than him. (She isn't.)

Sarah tells Brad she's heard wonderful things about him, but that she still didn't know his name was Brad.

"We were trying to read your lips in the limo," she says, and had guessed his name was "Brian." She then gives him a hug.

Bettina, wearing a short, silver dress, appears more demure than the rest of the Bachelorettes. He tells her he likes her name and asks for a hug.

Brad tells curly haired Erin he likes her smile and she gives him a kiss on the cheek. She asks him if he's a sports fan and when he says he is, she tells him she can't wait to tell him how she actually broke her face (!?) playing football four months ago.

"And you're still this beautiful," he exclaims.

Tauni greets Brad with, "Hey, handsome." She asks where he's from and tells him she's from Minneapolis, but she lived in San Antonio for a while and has a good friend who lives in Austin.

DeAnna tells Brad hello in Greek. She says she's nervous and has him feel the pulse at the base of her neck.

The next Bachelorette introduces herself as "Juli, without the 'e' at the end." He responds that he's, "Brad with a 'd,'" and they both can't wait to talk more inside.

Susan asks Brad to remember, "I'm the girl in the silver dress," and does a full 360 degree turn so he can admire it.

Blonde Lindsey from Michigan tells Brad, "So far, so good," and asks that he "makes sure" he he talks to her inside.

Kristy shakes Brad's hand, then goes in for a hug. She asks him if he's feeling stressed out and then tells him she's an acupuncturist, and she'd love to give him a treatment if he needs to relax.

She then asks for one more hug.

Solisa takes both of Brad's hands in hers. He's astounded when she tells him she's also from Austin, Texas.

Estefania introduces herself as "Steffi" and gives him a kiss on the cheek, saying that's how they do things in Argentina, where's she's from.

She lives in Atlanta, but says that she's an "international citizen of the world." Natalie then tells him she's "almost speechless" to see how good looking he is.

Mallory greets Brad with "Aloha," and tells him she's from Oahu. She says her heart is beating "so fast," and he pulls her in for a hug.

Michele tells Brad she's from New Jersey and gives him a hug. She tells him, "you're everything I'm looking for," and that she's going to be the girl he falls in love with, "you just don't know it yet."

Melissa tells Brad he looks "sweet," and he jokes that he has her fooled.

Brad says that Jade is a beautiful name and twirls her around and then she twirls him! She asks him if he believes in love at first sight and he says, "Now I do." She tells him he has "gorgeous eyes."

Now that he's met all 25 Bachelorettes, he notices that Kim has put her shoes on in the meantime and tells her she looks beautiful.

In their private interviews, Jenni notes that "Southern gentleman is so my type," and Hillary says her heart is "pitter pattering" over how hot he is.

His first one on one chat is with DeAnna, from Georgia, who tells him she feels like "the countriest person in this place," but he says he loves her accent. She's impressed that he takes off his jacket and puts it around her shoulders because it's cold.

He asks if she's close to her family and she tells him her mother, who died of cancer when she was 12, was the strongest person she's ever known. She's a real estate agent who also bartends at night. He tells her they're going to get along really well.

Bettina, who lives in Hermosa Beach, tells Brad she hears he wants to learn how to surf and that she can teach him. He says meeting a surfer girl is "like a dream come true."

Acupuncturist Kristy doesn't mean a kiss when she tells Brad she wants to do a "tongue diagnosis" of him, but rather a reading of his energy, according to Chinese medicine.

He obliges by sticking out his tongue and she reads some stress in the redness along the edges. He insists she stick hers out next, and he diagnoses "some stress, but much more happiness."

Hillary asks Brad the most outrageous thing he's ever done and he says, "Meeting 25 beautiful women in one night."

Hillary says her most outrageous thing is breaking her nose on a bowling ball which is funny since Erin (of the "breaking her face on a football" anecdote) is sitting on Brad's other side!

Inside, the rest of the women fret that they won't get the all important one on one time with Brad, so Jessica, who's a journalist, decides to be proactive and go "interview" Brad, interrupting his time with Hillary and Erin.

Jessica asks Brad "What is one thing people may not know about you at first glance?" He tells her that he worked in the oil fields for about 10 years.

He then asks her the same question and before she can answer, Susan interrupts with "Breaking news! The Bachelor's been kidnapped," and whisks him away.

A waiter brings in one red rose on a silver tray and places it on a table where the women were just discussing that 10 is "a big number" of Bachelorettes to be sent home immediately.

Lindsey who also gets Brad's coat because she's cold offers to sing a song for him, so she half sings, half speaks "The Yellow Rose of Texas," since she just handed Brad a yellow rose.

Inside, the women are dancing like crazy without Brad. Bettina notes that "some girls are partying their booties off."

A seemingly tipsy Tauni shows Brad her "vibe," which is really just her backside.

He can't help but notice when Mallory goes into the pool behind him. He walks over to her and says, "Now I think it just turned into a party. Beautiful woman, beautiful pool."

He confides that he wanted to jump in with her.

"I think you should take your pants off," she tells him. Instead, he just rolls up his pant legs and dangles his feet in the water. She's pleased at having gotten his attention and isn't upset if the other women are jealous.

Brad excuses himself and goes inside to retrieve the rose. With every eye on him, he walks over to Jenni who's still wearing his jacket and gives it to her, after telling her he loves her smile and he loved her dance.

Jenni says she was not at all expecting to get the rose. The other women confess their jealousy, but when Jenni enters with the rose, they clap for her.

Host Chris tells Brad and the assembled women that that's it for tonight and in the morning, Brad will decide which 15 he's keeping, and which 10 he's letting go. In the "deliberation room," Brad looks over the women's photos to help make his decision.

Chris says he thinks Brad had a connection with DeAnna and Brad agrees she's a "vision."Brad was impressed with Lindsey's serenading him and was amused by Kristy's tongue reading.

He admits that Melissa had had too many cocktails and that he prefers a woman who knows her limits. He also says that Julie's pretzel stunt was "a little strange" and he still doesn't know what to think of Morgan and her webbed toes!

Chris welcomes the women to the first rose ceremony and congratulates Jenni on getting the first rose.

Brad Womack then gives roses to:

  • Jade
  • Bettina
  • Sheena
  • McCarten
  • Hillary
  • DeAnna
  • Michele
  • Steffi
  • Erin
  • Solisa
  • Lindsey
  • Sarah
  • Mallory
  • Kristy

Thus, Jessica, Juli, Kim, Lori, Melissa, Morgan, Natalie, Rigina, Susan and Tauni are going home. Tauni regrets that she's not going to find the love of her life right now. Lori is upset that she's the only one in her limo that didn't get a rose and starts to cry. Melissa admits it's a hard blow, being cast off on the first episode and doesn't have any idea what she did wrong, tearfully saying she just wants to go home.

Brad toasts "to a heck of an adventure" with the remaining 15.

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