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On the season finale of The Bachelor, Matt brought Shayne Lamas and Chelsea home to London to meet his family. Chelsea was up first and took a trip with Matt in The London Eye, an observation wheel.

At dinner, she was polite and charming and Matt’s mother seemed to like her very much. Matt was worried that Chelsea doesn’t feel as strongly as he did but felt better after seeing her with his family.

Chelsea left London feeling like things could not have gone better and looked forward to seeing him again in Barbados.

Shayne headed to London next to meet Matt’s family. The pair took a double decker bus ride to take a tour of London before going to Matt’s house.

Once they arrived home, Matt’s brother, Simon, judged her right off the bat, dismissing her as a dumb California blonde.

Shayne Lamas won over the family with her warmth and honesty and Simon apologizes for judging her right off the bat.

After she leaves, Matt tells his family that he feels more at ease with Shayne but more passion with Chelsea.

Simon says that he sees Chelsea as being the better fit for Matt but their father says that he sees Shayne as being the one for him.

With the family being no help at all, Matt Grant headed to Barbados.

Matt surprises Chelsea with a helicopter ride. After a breathtaking trip, the two snuggle up on the beach together and just take some time to hold each other.

At the hotel, Chelsea gives him a map of all the places she wants to go with him. She puts everything out on the line and tells him that she’s falling in love.

Shayne Lamas joins Matt Grant next and the two go parasailing.

In their hotel room, Shayne gives Matt a picture frame with photos of her drawing out the words “I love you” in the sand.

He tells her that he is falling in love with her, too.

At the end of their date, Matt says that he is more confused than he ever imagined and has no idea what to do. He is dreading the final decision in some ways but knows that it’s one he has to make.

At the final rose ceremony, Chelsea was the first out of the limo. Matt tells her that she's amazing and this experience would not be the same without her.


He doesn't see her as being his life partner, which surprises her. She was upset at the rejection and called Shayne "the fakest person" on the show.

Matt Grant tells Shayne that he came here for more than a six week experience. He came to find true love and he found it with her.

He got down on one knee and shocked Shayne Lamas by proposing to her. She happily answered yes and the two said they loved each other over and over.

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