Watch The Bachelor online now to see which girl gets decked out like a princess and which one gets send home mid-date!

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On The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 4, Chris Soules decided to go camping. Watch The Bachelor online now to find out which girls decided to skinny dip in the lake on the group date. Kelsey acts like a total sourpuss because she hates camping and lakes that aren't in Michigan. She turns on the charm when Chris is around and acts like a sour grumpapotamus when he isn't. The girls are hip to her game. Jade gets a one on one date and a team of fairies dresses her up like a princess. This is the portion of the season where the episode is a commercial for an upcoming film, in this case Cinderella. Hence the reason Jade is dressed up like a princess by fairy godmothers and Chris learns to ballroom dance and does so by himself very, very awkwardly. Ashley I just whines and mopes about not getting a princess date and decides to wear her princess date dress all by herself while Jade is on a real date and then Ashley wears the same dress to the cocktail party and rose ceremony. Weird. Jillian was sent packing on her one on one date with Chris after winning the Muck Run.

Episode Details

On The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 4, Chris' three sisters interview several of the bachelorettes at the mansion and reward one woman with a one-on-one date with Chris to attend ascreening of "Cinderella."

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