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The Executioner's wife Jessamy tosses and turns from a nightmare, calling out her real husband's name ("Maddy"). Wilkin, who is awake and reading a book, watches her and then comforts the fussing baby.

The Baroness and Isabel are en route to Windsor Castle to meet with the king.

Milus looks over ledgers and a map of Ventrishire, deep in thought.

At the River Thames in Windsor, England, two cloaked figures run from several other blue-cloaked figures wearing crosses. Elsewhere, Annora suddenly bolts up awake and says "run" to no one visible to her. The blue-cloaked figures wearing crosses slaughter the other men. One of the men who was running starts burning a scroll of paper and attempts to throw it away past a gate. The blue-cloaked leader retrieves the half-burned scroll and opens it up. On the paper is a tree-like figure with pentagrams, among some writing. When the blue-cloaked man has the running man's shirt ripped open, it reveals an intricate, large back tattoo.

Elsewhere, Annora stands naked in front of a large rendition of the same tree figure with the pentagrams, crying and begging an unseen entity to "please protect them." Annora has a large back tattoo as well, with writing.

Wilkin lies in bed next to a vision of his dead wife, Petra, asking why she still loves him if he wasn't able to protect her. She tells him their love with exist always. He expresses that he fears he'll never find that love again, and she tells him he already has. They kiss, and suddenly Wilkin realizes he is kissing Jessamy and not Petra. He recoils. Jessamy expresses sadness, saying it is unnatural for a husband and wife to not be close and asking whether he has not always loved her. They are interrupted by the baby crying.

Baron Pryce's caravan approaches outside Ventrishire. They pass by and do not notice a dead, heavily mutilated man lying in a triangle.

Milus and Leon approach Wilkin and Toran. Milus asks the two men why they keep going to the far caverns nearly every day. Wilkin reacts angrily, asking if they're being spied on. Milus says he is just curious. Leon interrupts to say that Baron Pryce has arrived.

Wilkin and Toran wonder who the approaching nobleman and his company are. Jessamy explains that it is Baron Pryce and that Maddox worked at Pryceshire earlier and left in a hurry after they didn't pay him fare wage. They ask Jessamy which of the caravan might recognize him, and she points out the Baron's Chamberlain, Dyer.

Milus warmly greets Baron Pryce but Pryce rebuffs him, asking only where the Baronness is. Milus explains that she is off to visit the King. Pryce is angered, mentioning that she was the one who asked for the meeting. When Pryce's man asks why Milus didn't send word, Milus explains he thought it wise to let them complete the journey since if he'd sent word yesterday, Pryce would have already been almost at Ventrishire anyway. Pryce makes a crack about how Baron Ventris would still be alive if Milus had been wise. Pryce and his men head into the castle to unload. Leon mentions to Milus that the Baroness left nearly a week ago. Milus gives him a pointed silent look.

Wilkin and Toran plan to get out of Ventrishire so no one from Prychshire notices that Wilkin is not Maddox. Leon stops them, saying that Milus has planned a tournament event to entertain Pryce and expects Wilkin to be in the fray.

Lady Love arrives at Windsor Castle. She is greeted by a French man who pays her flowery compliments. She introduces herself and notes that he must be the Earl of Cornwall, trusted advisor to King Edward II. He is Piers Gaveston. Lady Love shuts him down, mentioning they have much more than beauty to discuss. The Earl mentions she's been invited to join the King for his midday meal, and then insults her manner of dress by asking when she can be presentable.

At the far caverns in north Ventrishire, Wilkin's fellow villagers and Annora remain camped out. Annora says she doesn't think that Wilkin will make the journey that day and suggests they move camp further up the river. They are alarmed by her tone and ask her what she foresees happening. They note that she is frightened and she tells them that her companion, the Dark Mute, is elsewhere collecting red coral for her cures. Berber tells her that they will protect her, and she thanks him though she says it is unwise. She is more nervous for others than herself.

Isabel and Lady Love discuss the upcoming meeting with the King. Isabel brings up a young man, Morgan, that they knew as kids and called a boor, who had attacked Isabel. He was displeased that the daughter of a servant was friends with the daughter of a Welsh lord (Lady Love). Lady Love had hit him with a shovel and knocked him out. Isabel relates it to their current predicament, saying that Love will handle all such matters with grace and strength. When the Baroness asks what ever happened to Morgan, Isabel makes a joke that he was devoured by wolves who mistook him for a pig.

Back at Ventrishire, Leon reports the finding of the mutilated body outside Ventrishire to Milus. Milus tells him to keep everyone quiet about it and make sure Pryce doesn't find out and think Satan is at the doors.

Milus runs into Wilkin. Wilkin mentions that one of Pryce's caravan may recognize that he is not Gawain Maddox since Maddox had been at Pryceshire before. Milus tells him not to worry, as the man in question would not notice. Wilkin reminds Milus that he has as much to lose as Wilkin if the truth is discovered.

At the Knights of Rosula's catacombs, Tobias (the man with the tattoos) is tortured, having his fingers pulled off. A religious robed man, Robinus, tells Tobias that he need not suffer, that they just want to find the other Seraphim so that they can help translate the sacred text that Tobias and the others all wear (the tattoos). Tobias refuses them any information. Robinus is called away for "more meaningless counsel." Robinus tells Cormac to continue the torturing. Cormac instructs the torturer to take Tobias' eye out.

Upstairs, Robinus changes back into his priestly garb and is greeted by the Earl of Cornwall who tells him the King needs his counsel. The Earl introduces Robinus to the Baroness. Robinus is the Archdeacon of Wales. Robinus offers her his condolences for her husband's death. The Earl instructs Lady Love to go to the dining room to wait for the King. She tries to ask him a question but he brushes her off, commenting that her dress looks fine. She bites her tongue and comments under her breath that Isabel should find her a shovel.

Milus and Baron Pryce have a discussion about Ventrishire's debt. Milus mentions the possibility of building a lucrative port in Ventrishire (something Pryce cannot do in his shire because of how the land was divided). He tries to sway Pryce in favor of a plan to marry Lady Love so that he will inherit Ventrishire and use his Pryceshire funds to build a port there. Pryce protests that he already has a wife, though Milus counters that her consumption grows stronger and she is near death. Pryce notes that naturally Milus would want to be his Chamberlain, should this plan go through. Pryce points out two obstacles: his own Chamberlain has sway with the king and would not take kindly to being ousted, and God may see fit to cure Pryce's wife (making him unable to marry Lady Love). Milus tells Pryce he'll think over those obstacles as Pryce exits.

Lady Love and Isabel sit nearly 2 hours in front of a table full of food, waiting for the king's arrival. Isabel protests that they've been waiting forever, but Lady Love chastises her for trying to grab a plum. Isabel comments that she doesn't like the French.

Wilkin and Maddox's son are in the torture chamber. They talk. Wilkin asks him if he can read, but the boy tells him that his father had told him he is dull of mind. Wilkin talks to him about how it is OK for him to speak the truth (about Wilkin not being his father) and how Maddox hurt their family. Wilkin asks for the boy's help with his mother's fear in exchange for Wilkin teaching him to read. Jessamy overhears.

Calo tries to leave where they've camped out. He wants to heed Annora's warning. Berber accuses him of being fearful, but eventually allows him to go.

Tobias is completely blinded and bloody. Cormac reports back to the Archdeacon that Tobias has given them no information, like the other captured Seraphim, and that the codes are indecipherable. None can be used to decipher the others. He orders that Tobias be handled "like the others" and Tobias is dismembered and dragged off.

Back at Windsor Castle, Isabel tries to intercept a servant delivering more food to ask if they are waiting in the right place. He doesn't answer her and Lady Love chastises her for speaking out of place. Eventually, the Baroness breaks and they grab a bunch of food and exit the dining room.

Several men are competing in the tournament as Maddox (in warrior garb), Milus and Pryce all look on. Milus again reassures Wilkin that Pryce will not learn of Wilkin's false identity.

Toran goes forward to compete in the tournament and skillfully beats his opponent as Wilkin looks on and laughs.

Calo, on his way back from the campsite, notices the shire authorities coming towards the camp where Annora, Ash and Berber still are. The authorities attempt to apprehend Ash and Berber. Calo intercepts and tries to help them.

The Baron and Milus watch as Wilkin competes against Pryce's men, winning easily. Baron Pryce notes that Milus' men are soundly beating his own. Milus comments that once the shires are combined, his resources will be doubled and his army will be improved. The servant twins come over to entertain Pryce and Pryce's Chamberlain angrily tells Milus that those "wenches" shouldn't disgrace the Baron. Milus distracts him by pointing out how Pryce's knights have been disgraced. He also specifically draws attention to Wilkin and calls him Gawain Maddox, explaining how he is their executioner.

Leon goes to congratulate Wilkin. Wilkin, noticing Petra's cross at Leon's neck, snaps and shoves him. Leon jokes that perhaps Wilkin needs a greater challenge, and they proceed to fight one another in the tournament. Wilkin brutally beats Leon, almost killing him, before being stopped by Toran. Everyone plays off the severity of the fight.

Isabel and the Baroness sleep in the castle's chambers. The Earl barges in, waking them up, telling her that the King is ready to see her. He flirtatiously grabs at her knee. Lady Love echoes to Isabel her earlier sentiment that she does not like the French.

Lady Love and Isabel dress and go to see the King where he is playing around with a group of men, firing lighted arrows across the lake into bales of hay. The Earl of Cornwall introduces her, reminding the King that she is from Ventrishire. She thanks the King for the gifts of condolence, though the King has no idea what she is talking about. He comments that she is a "little golden beetle." She tries to get him to focus on the fate of her shire, but he passes off the handling of the matter to the Earl, Gaveston.

Sir Gaveston comments that the marsh lands are basically an annoyance to the king. Lady Love, clearly upset over the insult, mentions that when Longshanks betrayed her father (who had previously ruled the shire and lived in the castle) she married Eric Ventris. The agreement was that the castle would be passed to an heir, remaining in her family. Gaveston comments that the only agreements that matter are the ones she makes now, again making a pass at her. She brushes him off and leaves.

Wilkin sits in the torture chamber, eating dinner. Pryce's Chamberlain, Sir Dyer, and Milus visit him. Dyer accuses Wilkin of being a fake. Milus thanks him for keeping quiet and then punches him out. He insists that Wilkin takes care of Dyer. Wilkin refuses, saying he is not the type of man who does such things. As he tries to leave, he encounters the Ventrishire knights, who have brought in Ash, Berber and Calo. Milus informs him that they've been brought in under suspicion of having committed the satanic murder. Wilkin says they have done no crime. They retreat back into the torture chamber.

Milus tells Wilkin that everyone Wilkin loves is dead or in Milus' grasp. Milus tells him to make the death of Dyer look accidental and Milus will be sure to make sure it is taken to have been an accident. Milus leaves and Dyer revives, mocking Wilkin for casting his eyes on a bible. Wilkin shoves a chicken leg down Dyer's throat, killing him.

Sir Galveston interrupts Lady Love as she is packing to leave. He tells her that he met with the king's Chancellor. They decided to divide Ventrishire into thirds, with two of the thirds going to the neighboring shires and the last third being controlled by himself. He tells Lady Love that she can keep the gown as their parting gift. After momentary panic, the Baroness recovers and tells Galveston that the gown and the decree of division will both be useless, since she is actually pregnant with Ventris' heir. She tells him that that is the news that she wanted to tell the king. Lady Love requests that he send servants for their things, and exits. Galveston is shocked and angry. Isabel is equally shocked at the lie.

Back at Ventrishire, Pryce mentions that clearly the Baroness didn't ask for a meeting. Milus admits it was a lie. Pryce expresses that he is impressed with Milus and leaves. They plan to be in touch.

Toran and Wilkin watch helplessly as their comrades are thrown into the dungeon.

The Archdeacon sits before a desk, observing the pinned-up back skins of the dead Seraphim. Cormick enters, telling him that one of a short list of shires would have been the destination of the Seraphim. On the list is Ventrishire.

Outside Ventrishire, Annora draws a cross over one of the pentagram symbols on her large symbol. Several of the symbols already have crosses drawn over them.

Wilkin returns home to see Jessamy about to cut into her son with a burning knife. He stops her, asking what she is doing. She comments it is not her, but him (Maddox), correcting them as he has always done when they need correction. Wilkin comforts the crying boy, addressing him as son. 

The Bastard Executioner
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The Bastard Executioner Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Milus: Brattle! This is our mother's milk, this is what we are. What we know.
Wilkin: I'm not a man who does this.

King Edward II: I offer sadness and deep sympathy over the Baron's passing.
Lady Love: Thank you. Your gifts of condolence were quite generous.
King Edward II: Yes. Good. You are but un petit scarabée d'or...
Lady Love: Oh. A little golden beetle?
King Edward II: Yes!