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Jessamy waits on Wilkin and tries to show him affection, though he is visibly uncomfortable. She asks whether she gave him pleasure when they last had sex together. Wilkin says he was most satisfied and leaves.

Wilkin, Ash, Berber, and Toran bury Cato.

In the Baroness' chambers, Isabel sews the Baroness padding for her fake pregnancy stomach. Love mentions that the Earl of Warwick is arriving at the shire and wonders whether he might bring more royal scrutiny. Isabel questions Love about her relationship and closeness to the Executioner, warning that rumors might spread and cause harm. Love angrily dismisses Isabel and trashes the room, breaking down in frustrated tears as Isabel listens in.

Earl of Warwick arrives and informs Milus that the King agreed to banish Piers Gaveston for his negative sway and influence (Gaveston's third banishment).

Wilkin and his friends finish burying Calo and discuss how they hope he is at rest and with his brother. Wilkin apologizes to his friends for events that transpired and they insist he has nothing to apologize for.

Annora and Father Ruskin discuss the scriptures that Ruskin read at Annora's behest. Annora clarifies that there are nine scriptures, all handwritten by Jesus Christ and Ruskin mentions that if it is true, this shatters everything he believes in. She tells him that she and the others are the Seraphim, entrusted with protecting the sacred texts from the Knights of the Rosebud (the Rosula) -- knights descended from the soldiers who tortured and sinned against Jesus Christ. The Rosula believed that Jesus rose and forgave them, giving them impunity against killing everyone who threatened that truth. Ruskin warns her of the dangers the pages present. Outside of Annora's cave, Robinus and his men prepare to attack. Robinus tells the men that only the Seraphim is to live.

Ruskin asks Annora what purpose he serves in all this when he is but a manor priest. She tells him they need a warrior.

Robinus' men enter Annora's cave to find it empty -- she and Ruskin, along with the Dark Mute, have escaped to another cove by the sea. She left the old cave booby trapped, and consequently several of their would-be attackers wind up dead or maimed.

Annora asks Ruskin to pass along to the Executioner where she is. He asks about her bond with the Executioner but she refuses to tell him, saying it is between "Maddox" and herself. Ruskin leaves. The Dark Mute approaches and reports to Annora that the Rosula know that the priest came to them and that they will come for him. Annora understands and says it will be the priest's next test of faith.

The Earl of Warwick meets with Lady Love and Milus, explaining to them that the Ordainers are trying to take back control of the king, whose actions are threatening civil war. They try to recruit Ventrishire to back them up and join them at their table, mentioning that if they provide access to the sea and troops to the Ordainers, the Ordainers will make sure that Ventrishire is never divided or given over to the control of another.

Lady Love's ears perk up at this and she expresses interest. Milus brings up the order for Gaveston's exile and they discuss how Gaveston managed to abscond anyway. Warwick mentions to Love the reward for information on Gaveston's whereabouts and Love counters by requesting free reign to deal with the rebels as she sees fit to bring peace to Wales, in exchange for her men capturing and retrieving Gaveston.  Warwick agrees.

Robinus and his men bury their dead. Absolon instructs their watcher to go to the village and keep an eye out for the Priest. Robinus tells him to report to the watcher to also keep an eye out for any male children with him.

The priest reports back to Wilkin, who is in the midst of teaching Luca how to write, that Annora has left the cave and has settled in the coves. He tells them they are better off asking their questions of Annora. Wilkin asks the priest to finish Luca's lesson while Wilkin goes to talk to Annora, and to get Luca back to his mother.

Milus expresses to Lady Love that he is impressed with her. She emphasizes that they need to make sure they retrieve Gaveston, as the money will relieve the shire's strain and make them better equipped to deal with the rebels. Milus mentions that he will send letters to neighboring shires to find out whether Gaveston has entered their shires, and that there may be a source who knows his whereabouts within their own castle's walls.

In the village, Robinus' watcher spots the priest walking Luca back to his house.

The nomads who attacked the Ventrishire men in the last episode spot Wilkin and Toran as they approach Annora at her cove on the beach. They reckon that the two men are there to spill more blood.

The Dark Mute reveals his scarred face to the approaching Wilkin and Toran at Annora's urging. At their inquiry, she tells them that he was burned by the same men he was sworn to protect. She takes Wilkin aside. Wilkin tells her that they buried Calo and she apologizes and hopes he is on a better course.

Wilkin confronts Annora about his own journey, asking whether she saw it coming. She grants him a vision that he's seen pieces of before, of a baby being drowned by a nun who is then stopped by a knight that stabs her before grabbing the hand of another nun (the child's apparent mother). Wilkin pieces together that he is the child and Annora confirms that the love between the nun and swordsman was also forbidden.

Wilkin confesses to Annora that he and Lady Love have shared secrets. She tells him the bond with Lady Love will only come to light once the secrets between them are revealed.

The nomads attack. Toran and Wilkin fight a few off, while the Dark Mute manages to slaughter all the rest of them singlehandedly, when Toran and Wilkin retreat at his urging to get Annora to safety.

Milus tricks the twins into thinking that they know where Gaveston is and that they are going to retrieve him from his hiding place. Milus and the Reeve intercept the twins when they attempt to leave the shire to go warn Gaveston. They take the twins to the torture chamber where Milus tasks the reluctant Reeve (with Locke as his apprentice) to torture Gaveston's location out of one of the two twins (since Wilkin is not set to return until after sunset), using the Judas cradle torture device.

Berber walks in on his scribe coworker practicing Judaism secretly in a room. The scribe harshly tells him to leave. He later chastises Berber, telling him to never go into that room. Berber reassures the scribe that he has no reason to fear, and that his devotion is between him and his god. 

Milus returns to the torture chamber to find the tortured twin dead and the other deeply traumatized. The Reeve tells him that the girl gave up the truth: that the Earl of Pembroke is hiding Gaveston at a monastery in Deddington. Locke disposes of the twin's mutilated body.

Milus reports back to the Baroness that the twins were Gaveston's secret half-sisters and spies, and that they got the information on Gaveston's whereabouts from them. He lists off who he will be taking on the mission to retrieve Gaveston, and mentions his desire to take the Executioner along. Both the Reeve and Baroness disagree, but he insists, saying that they can use his superior fighting skills. The Baroness reluctantly agrees. The Reeve leaves. Once alone, Milus cautions Baroness about her closeness with the Executioner. He expresses concern that her growing strength and formidable leading will be taken away by scandal.

Milus exits the room and the Reeve expresses that he is insulted by the trust and favor it seems Milus is placing in the Executioner over him, by having the Reeve act as Executioner and taking the Executioner on the hunt for Gaveston.

Wilkin and Toran return to the torture chamber and see all of the blood and the catatonic twin. They try to ask what happened, but she is struck silent.

Jessamy enters with Luca and the baby, asking where he has been and why the twin is in the cage. Luca leads her out, and Wilkin accompanies them. Isabel shows up, intercepting them to hand Wilkin a note from the the Baroness. Jessamy is immediately suspicious and alarmed as Wilkin immediately heads off to meet with Love.

Wilkin meets with Love at her family's mausoleum. She confesses the truth of her fake pregnancy to him. She tells him that she was lectured by Isabel and Milus about her relationship with him. She confesses that she is worried but that she feels safe with him. He tells her that when he is with her his mind quiets. They kiss, and are caught by Jessamy who has a breakdown at the sight, rushing to attack the Baroness. She screams about having done her penance. When Wilkin tries to restrain her, he rips her dress, revealing her scarred back.

Ruskin gives Jessamy a tonic to knock her out and they put her to bed in Isabel's chambers. Isabel watches over Jessamy's baby. She asks Love whether she is in love with him, and Love does not give a direct answer, saying perhaps.

Wilkin and the Baroness bid each other farewell and he leaves Luca in Ruskin's care as Wilkin goes off with Milus and the other men to track down Gaveston. 

Ruskin accompanies Luca back to his house where they are attacked and kidnapped by Robinus' men.

The Bastard Executioner
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The Bastard Executioner Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Ruskin: I do not understand the purpose I serve in all this, woman. I am but a manor priest. Not a scholar or a prophet.
Annora: We do not need a scholar or a prophet. We need a warrior.

Baroness: Suspicion is fear without truth.
Isabel: That turns to poisonous talk and spreads like fire on hot oil.