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Leonard is tired of having to drive Sheldon everywhere and refuses to take him to the dentist. Sheldon tells him they will have to revoke the Roommate Agreement, which Leonard willingly does. Sheldon tries to find other friends to help him with his errands, but no one will help him. He ends up shutting off the power throughout the building in order to get Leonard to realize he needs him. But, it doesn't work. Instead Leonard goes and hangs out with Penny. At Penny's urging, Leonard goes and makes up with Sheldon.

Also, Howard is getting ready to go to space. He frets over his lack of a nickname. Raj suggests "Rocket Man" and they put a plan into play to get Astronaut Mike Massimino to give him that nickname. Unfortunately, Howard's mother ruins that and he gets the nickname "Fruit Loops" instead.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

If I had one, mine would be "Brown Dynamite."


Leonard: Sheldon, Canada is not going to invade California.
Sheldon: Yeah, really? You think those hippies in Washington and Oregon can stop them?