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For Cathy's 43rd birthday, she tells Lenny she wants to go away to the Bahamas with him. But she ten gets a surprise when Paul organizes a surprise party for her at home.

Things get especially awkward when Lenny comes to pick Cathy up, though he quickly sees what's going on and plays along accordingly. He even ends up bonding with Paul over whiskey and later tells Cathy she should really think about her life choices because Paul seems like a good guy.

Cathy is wasted at this point. She's spent more of the party drinking and catching up with her college roommate, played by Cynthia Nixon. These two were wild back in the day, and while Cathy has changed, her former pal most certainly has not.

After Lenny's speech to her, Cathy gives a speech to the party attendees. She thanks them for coming, and then says this is the first time she's been happy in 20 years. Or, as Paul instantly recognizes, since she met him. Ouch! After everyone leaves, he responds to this diss by going a bit crazy, yelling at Cathy and popping every balloon in the house. Cathy, in turn, calls Lenny and says she wants to go with him.

Elsewhere, we see more signs of Marlene and her Alzheimer's, as she's unable to locate her house. Adam walks her home as a result.

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