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Cathy wanders into a cancer support meeting on this episode, but quickly regrets it and leaves.

She disdains the decision even more after a couple members form Team Cathy and send her food and positive encouragement. She finally flips out on them, making it clear she thinks "cancer sucks" and she can't just make the best of it - which proves she's just been pretending to be a happy, more free person since she discovered the diagnosis.

In the end, Marlene is able to figure out that Cathy has cancer because her dog keeps following her around and, apparently, dogs can small the diseases. This at least gives Cathy someone to talk to about her illness.


- Paul makes a cute attempt to win his wife back, resurrecting his proposal on the beach. But Cathy scoffs at it and pretty much says she's changed, he hasn't... so do they really have a future?

- Andrea and Adam bond during a meal that also includes Sean and his girlfriend, who works at Whole Foods.

The Big C
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The Big C Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You're the yin to my yang, the ping to my pong, the normal to my crazy. Let's be us together.


Adam: You should't say chill-ax. It's gay!
Cathy: Don't use gay like that!