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Hugh Dancy shows up this week on The Big C. He plays a fellow patient named Lee who is also a part of the experimental treatment. The character appears to be a prankster and has a different attitude toward his disease than Cathy.


- Adam finally lashes out at school. He attacks a kid in class for making a joke about frog dissection and he tells off the girl he slept with, saying it meant nothing.

- Paul loses his job and, with it, the insurance to pay for Cathy's treatment.

- Sean deals with what he thinks is Marlene's spirit haunting the house. He's upset because he thinks he's getting better and is later proven correct when it ends up being a bird.

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The Big C Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Marlene really put the nail in the coffin when she, you know, put the nail in the coffin.


Hear that, Marlene? It's time to cross over, you racist bitch!