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Sex was the topic of the week on The Big C. To wit:

- Andrea moves in with the Jamisons because her parents went off to Ghana to help build houses. She quickly walked in on Paul jerking off because he and Cathy hadn't had sex in months. Thank to some advice from Rebecca, Cathy rectified the situation by buying Paul some kind of fake vagina, talking dirty to him - and then turning herself on so that the two actually made love!

- Seeing things more clearly than ever thanks to his medicine, Sean was as honest as one can be with Rebecca. It was sweet, but he also hit on some sensitive spots when he talked about her body. Later, though, Sean displayed all of his shortcomings and freakish amenities and the couple got closer than ever.

- Adam found some girl named Emily to do under the bleacher after his girlfriend said she wanted to go slow.

The Big C
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The Big C Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Andrea: Don't freak out.
Cathy: Telling people not to freak out is not a great way to set people at ease.

I can't bring myself to intentionally puncture myself. I'd make a crappy heroin addict.