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The Red and Black team are told to switch two players from each other their teams. The teams want to stay the same, but if chocolate is eaten, the other team wins.

Jen and Jay from the black team are forced to join the red team, and Sarah and Deni are forced to join the black team. The Black team is convinced that the Red team set it up to get their strongest contestants. Arthur explains his decision to eat 35 chocolates and win the contest.

The gym is shared between Red and Black, and the trainers fight for the best results. The Black team gets annoyed by the noise of the Red Team’s trainers.

The teams are tested on agility, balance, intelligence and more. Everyone on the winning Black team gets videos from home from their loved ones. The winners get emotional while watching their home videos.

During the weigh in, Moses broke the previous Biggest Loser record by losing 100 pounds in 6 weeks. The Red team lost a total of 97 pounds all together.

The Black team lost a total of 99 pounds. Q gets eliminated from the Red team.

The Biggest Loser
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