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The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Guide

Part One ...

Mentioning that the christening is coming up, Brooke suggests to Ridge that they use that special day to reunite the families. Refusing to consider it, Ridge (Ronn Moss) says they have decided this. Brooke claims Jack deserves as much love as possible but Ridge points out his mother and father already supply that.

Part Two ...

Ridge tells Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) she needs to let go of Nick and Taylor's child. Allowing her to smell some recent samples, Ashley (Heather Tom) lets Felicia (Lesli Kay) know that she's aware of the lab mixup with Nick and Taylor's baby. She states that Brooke needs to stay away from the baby for the sake of the new parents. Nick returns and quickly picks a fight with Taylor when she announces that she is going back to work.

Part Three ...

Later, apologizing, Nick (Jack Wagner) offers to help with the planning for the christening and suggests that they invite Brooke, Ridge and the kids. Taylor (Hunter Tylo) is outraged by the idea and insists that she doesn't want Brooke involved in any part of their lives more than she has to be. Nick apologizes for even bringing the idea up. Later, Nick calls Brooke to meet, but Ashley follows Brooke to the boat where the two admit they failed in their quest. Brooke decides that she can't see Jack anymore...

The Bold and the Beautiful
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