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The Bold and the Beautiful

12.27 / Episode Recap, Part I
Storm (William de Vry) tries to stop Brooke from going to see Stephanie and insists on taking responsibility for what he did. Katie also agrees that it's a mistake to put the family's future in Stephanie's hands.

After Brooke leaves, Donna (Jennifer Gareis) lays into Katie and Storm for failing to consider her relationship with Eric when coming up with this.

After examining her, Bridget assures Stephanie she is doing well, although Ridge (Ronn Moss) doesn't like that she's decided to stop taking her pain medication.

12.27 / Episode Recap, Part II

Stephanie apologizes to Bridget (Ashley Jones) but warns there is nothing that is going to prevent him from going to jail for what he did. Later, Brooke stops by and Stephanie repeats her desire to make up for this.

Brooke admits there is something she can do and asks her to show leniency for her father. Stephanie is shocked and claims that this won't affect the case against him. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) asks her to make up a story about having flashbacks but Stephanie refuses to lie.

Brooke says Stephen did not pull the trigger and begs her to help clear her father so that their family can be saved. Stephanie again asks Brooke to confirm that she wants her to commit perjury in order to save Stephen. Brooke again insists Stephen (Patrick Duffy) didn't shoot her.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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