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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap, 4.17.08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Thanks to the lemon bars she threw at "Tiny," Donna comes to the frightening realization that she is the reason that Pam's vicious dog has become shockingly sick.

Outraged by the smell and mess from the dog in the Forrester Creations reception area, Thorne and Felicia both agree that Pam can't bring her dog to work anymore

Seeing Donna cowering in the doorway, Pam quickly blames her for this and vows to make her pay. Donna explains that Tiny was snarling at her so she threw some lemon bars at her to appease her.

Realizing her dog is in terrible shape, Pam accuses her of doing this deliberately. Katie urges Nick to stop worrying about Taylor and Rick's threats and suggests that he keep sole custody of Jack.

She goes on to say the baby will get plenty of love and attention from her and him. Katie also badmouths Rick's disgusting relationship with Taylor and claims that she doesn't like the idea of spending less time with the boy.

Meanwhile, back at her place, Rick promises Taylor that he will support her in her fight for her son.

She points out that with Nick refusing to believe she should have custody, she doesn't think she'll be able to convince a judge she should have Jack back.

Rick disagrees and claims they only have to convince the judge that she has done all that was asked of her. In his bathing suit, Rick kisses her and invites her to go skinny dipping but she claims they must wait to act on their feelings. He responds with another kiss.

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