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Guilt-ridden after Phoebe' death, Rick stuns his mother with the revelation that he lied when he claimed that Ridge attacked him. He admits he actually attacked Ridge and he recovered injuries sooner than Brooke knew.

Brooke tries to take some of the blame for his mistakes but then Rick tells her that he edited the podcast so that Ridge never heard her offer her support to him.

Rick then tells her about kissing Steffy and how upset Phoebe was.

He finally summarizes by admitting none of this had to happen and that it was all his fault. Stephanie advises Ridge that Lieutenant Baker told her there were skid marks at the scene of the accident.

After the emotional goodbye in the morgue, Ridge finds Steffy out on a balcony, standing close to the edge, mumbling about a star up above.

Ridge grabs her and pulls her to safety, relieved that he didn't lose another child. At the accident scene, Lieutenant Baker advises Stephanie that the car was probably going about 50 mph, maybe faster.

He also reveals that Phoebe was not wearing a seat belt which might have saved her life. Furious, Stephanie stops by Brooke's place and demands to see Rick.

Brooke puts her off so Stephanie describes the truth about the death and suggests it was no accident. Accusing her of going after Rick, Brooke asks if she wants her son thrown in jail.

Stephanie vows to make him pay for what he's done.

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