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Rick confesses to Eric that he is responsible for Phoebe's death. Eric tries to calm him but Rick admits he manipulated everyone to oust Ridge.

He goes on to confess that he tried to get back at Taylor but his plan resulted in the tragic accident.

Eric assures him that he understands what he's feeling and downplays his actions because of past troubles between Ridge and Rick.

Rick wonders how he's going to face Taylor. Stephanie rages at Brooke who continues to defend her son blindly.

When Stephanie describes Rick's ploys to hurt Ridge, Brooke claims she knows all about them which stuns Stephanie.

She can't believe that Brooke could think now that Rick was innocent in all this but Brooke insists she can tell by looking in her son's eyes.

Stephanie encourages Brooke to go see the skid marks and the ditch where Phoebe breathed her last.

Stephanie suggests that Rick has become a monster, thanks to Brooke's horrible parenting skills and actually decides that Rick has become Brooke.

She then changes her mind and decides that Brooke is to blame for making Rick what he is today.

Ridge brings Taylor to the accident site where they mourn their daughter.

Back at home, Taylor becomes hysterical as she tries to cope with their loss but is caught off guard when Madison calls, looking for her friend Phoebe.

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