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Rick enters Taylor's house and tells her he is sorry. Taylor waits and asks if her daughter said anything about her.

He tries to explain what happened but Taylor continues to regret how she hurt her daughter, pointing out it's too late to do anything about it.

Lt. Baker advises Stephanie that he can do nothing about the accident because Rick wasn't drinking. She insists that Rick be held accountable but he urges her to help her family.

As he leaves, Steffy arrives and leaks that Rick kissed her to make her so angry he would tell her father.

She adds that Phoebe was outraged when she heard what Rick did.

When she blames herself for her twin's death, Stephanie tries to stop her.

Looking for Rick, Ridge tells Brooke that he needs to ask him questions about the accident. Admitting Rick left early this morning, Brooke reveals that Phoebe confronted Rick in his car because of some things that he had done that upset her.

Failing to reveal the entire truth, Brooke then tells him that the accident was Phoebe's fault because she was attacking him as he drove.

Ridge can't believe that his dead daughter is to blame but Brooke corrects him by saying no one is to blame since it was an accident.

He decides that he can't accept Rick's story about what happened and warns that she's being manipulated by her son.

Stephanie interrupts and chastises Brooke for calling Phoebe's death an accident. She reveals that Rick kissed Steffy and that's why Phoebe was in the car.

Brooke downplays the "prank" but then Stephanie leaks Rick's other secrets and urges her son to call the police.

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