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Stephanie urges Ridge to punish Rick. Brooke insists Rick is heartbroken like everyone else but when she mentions Taylor, Stephanie blasts her for trying to blame Ridge's ex.

Brooke denies blaming Taylor.

Steffy tries to stop her mother from blaming herself for Phoebe's death but when she can't, Steffy calls Ridge for help.

When Ridge hurries to the house, he finds Taylor adamant that it's her fault their daughter is not coming back.

Ridge points out that it was his idea to have a party and "shove it down everyone's throat" that he and Brooke are meant to be together.

Stephanie tells Brooke that Rick's scheme to use Steffy to hurt Ridge is what killed Phoebe and urges her to do the right thing for Ridge and turn in her son.

Brooke again defends her son but Stephanie urges her to be a good mother and convince her son to accept the consequences of his actions.

She adds that she wants Rick's resignation from Forrester and demands that Brooke keep him away from the memorial service tomorrow.

When Brooke claims he needs to pay his respects, Stephanie warns that she won't be responsible for what she does if Rick shows.

Rick bemoans to Bridget how he has changed since he lost Taylor. Admitting he's ashamed at the person he became, Rick vows to change.

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