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Ridge asks Brooke why she didn't keep Rick away from the service. Brooke stands up for her son but Ridge claims the guy should be feeling guilty.

Brooke pleads with him not to give in to his mother's claims so Ridge assures her that he loves her.

Stephanie advises Eric that she ordered Rick to stay away from the service and when he suggests Rick needed "closure," she counters he should turn himself in to the police.

Eric's upset she wants to bring the police in on this while Stephanie can't believe he's defending Rick after what he did.

Assuring Donna that he can work with her on the new project, Owen makes a snide remark about what's left of Donna's relationship with Eric.

Grace interrupts and Donna is curious when Owen suggests they hire her as a model for the new line. Thorne interrupts with a complaint about Owen's work and is shocked to find Grace there.

Donna introduces the model as her lookalike and Grace leaks that they've met. Privately, Thorne insists that Grace leave Forrester and not come back, warning that she will never work here.

Ignoring his demands, Grace guesses that his concern about her has something to do with Donna. Overhears Thorne offer her a position overseas, Owen later demands some answers from Grace.

Donna approaches Eric in his office about her desire to help him through the pain of Phoebe's death. He turns from her when she advises him that he'll be the one she uses to judge any man in the future.

Curious, Donna asks why he's looking at her as if she hurt him.

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