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Brooke admits to Ridge that Rick will be in attendance at their wedding and has promised to behave. Phoebe is disgusted to hear Rick's voice.

She leaves and surprises Eric and Stephanie who welcome her with open arms. Back at Rick's office, Ridge pays a visit and asks him to "bury the hatchet."

Rick insists he has a right to protect his mother from him.

Denying that she needs protection, Ridge claims that while Ridge has every right to protect Phoebe from Rick, Rick has no right to try to protect his mother.

Ridge then asks him to make his mother happy by standing up there with him and Brooke as they state their vows.

After boasting that she thinks Donna was good for Eric, Brooke tells Stephanie that she has come to a decision about the two families.

She goes on to state that she wants the bickering to end and claims that Rick has even agreed to attend the nuptials.

Unimpressed, Stephanie warns that she is not going to allow Rick to hurt her son anymore and points out how Brooke has supported Rick over Ridge.

Brooke defends her actions but Stephanie reminds her that she'll be promising to love Ridge above all others, including her son.

Stephanie then agrees to attend the wedding. Phoebe finds Steffy at home and tries to catch up on all that she has missed.

When she asks her opinion of the new president, Steffy goes on and on about all that he has done, leaking that Rick even came on to her the other day and kissed her.

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