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As Eric goes on about the crocheted bikini showstopper, Donna stuns him by revealing that Pam is back. He's also shocked to learn she made the bikini.

Stephanie welcomes her sister back to town and invites her to move in with her so she can take care of her.

Hearing she's already paid a visit with Donna, Stephanie angers her by revealing that Donna failed to tell her that she and Eric are still together.

After Pam calms down, Stephanie remembers it's New Year's Eve and talks about how she and Eric always shared a special toast to welcome in the new year.

She decides Eric would like to see her and leaves.

After donning a special dress he designed for her, Donna is surprised to find Eric's set up a romantic dinner for her near the runway.

As Eric toasts Donna with "their words," Stephanie hears him and walks out unseen.

Stopping by to explain his decision to marry Broke today after the show, Ridge first tells Taylor and Steffy that he convinced Rick to promise to stay away from them both, especially Steffy.

Alone with her ex, Taylor mumbles that she wishes that he was marrying her today. Meanwhile, Rick comments to his mother that she's moving fast to marry Ridge today.

When she asks if he's against her marrying him, Rick denies it and admits that he now thinks that Ridge is worthy of her.

Brooke reminds him that he agreed to stay away from Steffy.

When Ridge returns, Brooke guesses that Taylor was not happy to hear their news. Agreeing they both have the same resolution for 2009, Rick points out to Steffy that it doesn't go into effect until midnight.

He then pulls her to him for one last kiss.

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