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Stephanie apologizes that Taylor's going to miss hearing Phoebe sing. Taylor plays a recording and admits that her daughter made it for her earlier.

Taylor boasts that with her daughter back in town, she now has a second chance to rebuild their relationship after what she did with Rick.

As Steffy suddenly collapses, Ridge stumbles into the Forrester mansion and then crumbles to his knees. While Marcus and then Bridget tend to Steffy, the others run to Ridge and learn the horrible truth that Phoebe is dead.

Finally, a bloodied Rick slowly walks into the house and tells Ridge that he's sorry. Considering his words, Ridge realizes that Rick was driving and now his daughter is dead.

He suddenly leaps at Rick and starts hitting him. Nick and Thorne pull him off as Ridge blames him for his daughter's death.

Bridget and Brooke take him out to the terrace where Bridget insists he get to the hospital for treatment.

Crying, Rick asks himself what he has done and then tells his mother how Phoebe attacked him while he was driving.

He claims it was her foot that hit the gas pedal but then states that he never should have driven in the first place.

Brooke insists this is not his fault and reminds him that he loved Phoebe and would not have hurt her.

Back from Taylor's Stephanie finally arrives for tonight's party. After Eric gives her the shattering news, Stephanie confronts Rick and asks him why he's alive and Phoebe is dead.

Ridge breaks Taylor's heart with the news about Phoebe.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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