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PART I: Upset that Donna (Jennifer Gareis) has not broken up with Eric (John McCook), Stephanie picks up the phone to call the police and turn Storm in. Donna reminds Stephanie (Susan Flannery) that if Storm goes to jail, Stephanie will lose her leverage of getting Eric back. Stephanie gives Donna one more chance to break up with Eric. Katie realizes, after speaking with Eric, that Donna has not yet ended their relationship.

PART II: Katie (Heather Tom) calls Donna to inform her that Eric is on his way to see her and that Donna needs to break up with him tonight. Eric arrives at his hotel where Donna confesses that Stephanie is blackmailing her. James Warwick returns to town, at the request of Nick (Jack Wagner), to help Taylor (Hunter Tylo) with her issues. Taylor takes a drink just before Rick arrives. Rick tells Taylor to end her relationship with Nick because Nick and Brooke will eventually end up together.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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