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As Jake prepares the cameras and audio for the podcast, Eric talks about how thrilling it will be for Rick. Thorne barges in as Jake leaves and asks his dad if he's serious about putting Rick in charge.

Pointing out that Ridge refused to share the position with him, Eric claims it's Rick's turn and he will not change his mind.

Using crutches, Rick emerges from the elevator car where Steffy and Marcus welcome him back. Thorne interrupts and warns Rick that Eric's decision is a "pity appointment." Steffy and Marcus argue about the appointment.

Steffy then calls Taylor about what's happened to Ridge.

Jake explains to Marcus why the podcast won't be live but will be edited and uploaded later.

Rick again thanks Eric for promoting him and learns that Ridge has decided that he's going to be working from home from now on.

At home Ridge stuns Stephanie with Eric's decision.

He reveals that Rick told Eric about the ventilator incident which Stephanie admits she knew about but dismissed as did Eric's doctor.

Feeling the tension between them, Stephanie asks Brooke what she thinks about Eric's decision. She defends what he did but then backs off to get to the office for the podcast, promising to make her loyalties clear with her statement.

Taylor chats with Ridge about his rejection by Eric and wonders aloud what Brooke thinks. He explains that he needs Brooke to show him her support with her announcement today.

Stephanie confronts Eric about his terrible choice and explains the ventilator incident. Eric insists his decision is final but she warns him he'll regret this and asks him not to do this to their son.

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