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Brooke is confused when Ridge blasts her. When she says she did her best, Ridge says he expected better from her and asks why they're not married.

His anger growing, Ridge points out the obvious pattern and wonders why it's always so "damn difficult to get their life together."

When he suggests it's not meant to be, Brooke vows not to let him give up but he hops on his motorcycle and rides off.

When Taylor stops by his office and congratulates him on walking again, Rick demonstrates his new found strength before he quickly starts badmouthing Ridge.

When she points out that he's okay now, he complains about how Ridge uses her and his mother to get what he wants.

Rick boasts that Ridge acted like a spoiled child today but she wonders why Brooke didn't say anything to set things right.

Pointing out how he's hurt Ridge, Stephanie urges Eric to do something for him and suggests he appoint Ridge the new CEO.

Eric claims that only Brooke can make Ridge understand and accept what's happened. He insists their love is so strong they'll get past this.

Later, when Ridge complains about Brooke failing to support him, Stephanie is confused, having witnessed the podcast live.

Rick returns to Brooke's place and finds her crying, worried that Ridge thinks "their destiny is to be apart." Rick insists that she let Ridge go.

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