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Brooke stops by the mansion and finds Stephanie there. She asks her when she's going to move out so that Donna can be with her husband.

Stephanie resents her attitude and they end up arguing about Donna and Owen. Brooke then advises Stephanie that she's mistaken if she thinks that she and Ridge are over.

She also claims that she can forget about Ridge and Taylor getting back together too. Donna helps Eric as he works on a new dress and then deals with emails from concerned employees.

She's shocked to find Owen at the office door. Eric admits he invited him to his office so they could talk. Donna quickly assures Eric that nothing happened between them.

Eric points out that Owen actually saved her life and, as a result, helped him so he wants to bring him back to work at Forrester.

Leaving, Owen promises not to let him down. Donna then embraces Eric, thanking him for trusting her. Donna stops by Owen's new office.

He admits that he spent a lot of time considering what to do with his life but claims that he could never leave L.A. because Donna is here. He insists he never wants to be out of her life.

Agreeing with each other that their father should be with their mother, Thorne confides to Felicia that he did something special for Eric.

Later, thanking him for his special help, Eric shows Thorne the laptop video feed from Owen's office and explains it will help him determine where Donna's loyalty lies.

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