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Steph lays into Rick for trying to drive Ridge out of Forrester and out of Brooke's life. Insisting he doesn't care about Ridge, Rick says he would like to promote her out of shipping and move her up to the exec floor.

Steph coldly says she's not interested but Rick says he wants her. Later, after dinner for two is delivered, Rick insists that Steph join him after her father canceled their dinner plans.

Later, while she's talking Forrester business, he suddenly comes on to her and kisses her. Steph pushes him away and slaps him, ordering him to stay away from her.

After she storms out, Rick laughs at how perfectly his plan is working
. Still in bed, Brooke urges Ridge to set a wedding date.

He complains about her son but she explains she thinks Rick needed to "best" Ridge at something and will be satisfied now.

Complaining that she feels like she's in a competition with Stephanie, Donna presses Eric to make his decision. He asks her to be patient.

Just then, Stephanie stops by with family photos from Halloween and as she leaves, Donna fumes. She stops by to see Owen who bemoans how much he's suffering because he can't act on his feelings for her.

Donna reminds him how nice Eric has been to her lately but Owen guesses that she wonders what she's missing. In Eric's office, as his father downplays what he's looking for, Thorne eyes the scene from Owen's office, courtesy of the hidden camera.

The two notice Owen walk to the door and lock it. Owen then offers to show Donna what they can do in his office when the door's locked.

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