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Thorne and Eric watch the laptop showing the scene from inside Owen's new office. Eric wishes Thorne had hidden a micr to hear what Donna and Owen said.

Owen pleads with Donna to act on the feelings he knows she has for him.

She pushes him away and walks out, reminding him that there are boundaries he can't cross since she won't betray her husband.

Eric boasts to Thorne that Donna passed the test.

Though Thorne doesn't believe it, Eric calls his attorney to stop the divorce proceedings. Donna returns home and hops into a bubble bath.

Unaware it's Stephanie who has entered the bathroom, Donna asks her "honey bear" to give her a kiss.

She's perturbed to find it's her rival and the two exchange rude remarks. Eric finds them arguing and agrees that he needs to make a decision. Stephanie and then Donna both make a case for why they each deserve to be with him.

Leaving to take a phone call, Stephanie's heart sinks when she sees him kissing Donna.

Grabbing her arm, Rick tries to apologize to Steffy but she reminds him that she's dating Marcus and he was only days ago with her mother.

Rick claims he's been lonely and she reminds him of her mother.

When Marcus calls and interrupts, Steffy realizes that Rick sent her boyfriend away as part of his plan and boasts that she won't allow him to use her to upset her father any further than he already has.

Caught, Rick tells her that he hates Ridge more than anyone else after all he has done to him and his relationship with Taylor.

Admitting she likes him, Steffy warns Rick that he's losing the "good guy" she admires and adds that his rage can destroy him.

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