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Taylor gets Ridge to admit how much fun it was playing tennis with the kids. When he hints he may not be here tonight, Taylor reminds him that he can't go back to Brooke's.

She assures him that she's not fooling herself about their relationship and urges him to do this for the kids' sake.

Later at the office, Taylor is amused when Brooke emerges from behind a screen to tempt Ridge with a seductive dance in her underwear.

Embarrassed, Brooke argues with her rival about who will have Ridge in their life once this is over. Ridge stops them and then upsets Brooke by thanking Taylor for breakfast this morning.

He admits that he spent the night at her place with their children.

Blasting him for not staying at a hotel, Brooke demands that Ridge promise he won't stay there again.

Rick tells Eric that he doesn't know if he'll be coming back to the family business and tells him that Ridge was anxious to divide up the company while Eric was in his coma.

Rick claims that Ridge treats him and his sister like dirt. Eric promises to insure that Rick gets equal treatment at Forrester.

Stephanie scowls when Donna moves her things back in with her "honey bear." She announces that she's not moving out. As Eric comes home, he finds the two arguing about him. The two ask Eric to make a decision.

What happens next? Find out in our The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers!

The Bold and the Beautiful
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