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Assuring Ridge will never make her happy, Rick pleads with his mother not to marry him. Brooke lets slip that Eric doesn't know Ridge wanted to pull the plug on him when he was in his coma.

Taylor describes for an encouraged Stephanie how wonderful it was last night when Ridge stayed with her and the kids.

When Eric announces that he's not going to be retiring in the near future and reminds him there are other people involved, Ridge guesses that Rick is behind this.

Eric dismisses him by stating that he will determine who runs this company when he retires. As he leaves, Ridge reminds Eric that it was his understanding that he was going to run Forrester.

Eric brings Rick his laptop and some files but Rick reminds him he's not returning to Forrester as long as Ridge is in charge.

Eric gets him to admit that he can't leave Forrester. Rick asks Eric if he can work closer with him to really learn the business.

Eric is thrilled by the request.

Later, Rick proves his claims about Ridge by revealing that Ridge shut off the respirator while Eric was in a coma. When Brooke finds Ridge entering their bedroom, she nervously asks if Rick saw him.

He assures her he didn't and then lectures him that he can't spend the night at Taylor's house. Ridge boasts that he can handle Taylor and takes Brooke to bed.

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