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Taylor confides to Stephanie that she never really fought for Ridge, at which point Stephanie encourages Taylor to work together to battle the "slut sisters."

Rick confirms for a stunned Eric that Ridge shut off his respirator and blamed it on voices that he heard. He then accuses Eric of still wanting to favor Massimo's son.

Eric denies it and the claim that he ranks his children. Rick accuses him of making Ridge his favorite.

After sex, Ridge suggests to Brooke that Rick hasn't been working on getting better since he moved in with her. He warns her to start treating Rick like a man and insist that he act like one and not like a child.

Boasting that Eric is turning the company over to him in a few days, Ridge claims he'll have a pep talk with Rick at that point.

She asks if he's going to fire him and though he claims he won't for her sake, Ridge vows to let him go if he doesn't end this childish behavior.

He offers to go talk with Rick but when he arrives at the bedroom and overhears Eric promising to stop favoring Ridge, he bursts in and demands that this stop now.

Ridge reminds them both that Rick attacked him and defends tossing him over the ledge to the ground below. Brooke sneaks up and listens to the three arguing.

When she stops them, Eric announces that Rick is now sharing the presidency with Ridge. Outraged, Ridge threatens to resign but Eric won't change his mind.

Rick forces his mother to congratulate him as Ridge leaves the room. Later, when he stands in amazement, Rick is startled by Brooke's return and insists there's an explanation.

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