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Taylor and Brooke are astounded when Ridge decides they should accept James' offer and do family therapy. James arrives and the ladies quickly decide this won't work.

The psychiatrist suggests that they are the "ground zero" of this problem with Ridge.

The women start arguing which only seems to prove James' theory. He suggests they go up to the cabin at Big Bear.

Owen's not pleased when Whip arranges for him to go to his home town of San Diego for a Jackie M TV promotion. Clarke offers to accompany him for the media interview.

Later, Whip congratulates Jackie on all that she has done but hints that she can have whatever she wants.

He then gives her a tender kiss on her cheek. Nick tries to cheer up Bridget after coming in second to Forrester in the fashion challenge.

She claims she deserves to lose because her father has put so much into his career. Over dinner, Bill tells Katie that while he had intended to use the charity challenge to help drive Eric to bankruptcy, he changed his mind after he realized that he wanted something more important.

Katie quietly tells him he doesn't have to give up million dollar deals for her sake and guesses he knew what he was doing was wrong.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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